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    The recent opening-up of the border at Wagah between the two countries has also opened up a chasm of emotions & feelings that people along the border states have for each other. I hope and pray(really hard) that the good-will generated will continue and, people eventually realize that we:hindus & muslims are truly brothers & sisters who deserve a fate lot better than what we have received so far.
    I would like to share an article that I read a while ago and it says it all; here is the excerpt from that article:
    This time, too, the fundamentalists and the interested parties might attempt to block the peace process. But, Indo-Pak amity has its own momentum. It is an idea whose time has come. No one can stand in the way of the tide of public opinion. The people to people goodwill that has been generated in recent years and which seems to have come to a crescendo in recent weeks in both, India and Pakistan can not be ignored.
    Wagah is no longer the border that divides. It has become the border that unites. Wagah, mid-way between Amritsar and Lahore, is now the gateway to a resurgent, cooperative relationship between India and Pakistan.
    As a poet said while the two Prime Ministers embraced each other,
    “Jo dard tumhare hain,
    Wo hee hamare gham hain.
    Aao mil jaao, jo tum ho wo hee hum hain.”

    Namaste and Wa-salam,

    abdul malik sahib..salam-wala-kum

    ap na sardar jee ka SAR-SARE-KAL omit kar diya...sardar jee naraz ho jaiyan ga

    just kidding