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    CM ji,

    I was just wondering, would you happen to know a link for any good Indian newspaper??

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    Best Indian newspaper is 'Hindu' published from Madras. Don't get worried by name. It is a pro-left newspaper. News items are reasonably unbiased. Bias in analysis and editorials is birthright of jouralists.

    Pro BJP view can be in Indian Express,

    if u wanted to check up congress view, would be best. but they do not update it often.

    Times of India is useless exept for Laxman's cartoons, and sadly, Times guys don't replace it many times. ( Hindustan times is better

    Then there are others which have more emphasis on regional news. for culcutta news., hyderabad news (anti-TDP inclination) (banglore newspaper) is on net-newspaper. You can send rediff guys articles. They may publish.

    In magazines, (outlook) was my favourite in India. is another site. 'Frontline' is little inclined to left. u can access it from Hindu website. But a good magazine. 'The week' is another site. But this site is colorless. Occasionally good.

    There are some 'masala' magazines like 'current' and 'blitz' which i used to like. but not available on web.

    The only newspaper published from Punjabis English, is I don't think Punjabi newspapers are on net. But I don't think u know Punjabi or Hindi script. so it does not matter.

    There is not much hounding of newspapers in India. But incidences can be found out. Indira Gandhi was brutal in shutting up the newpapers in emergency. My family has distributed banned papers in that period. After Indira, no leader had such a power to shut up all criticism with strong hand. So u can say that press is free. But advertisements are used as weapon. Govt. often stops giving advt. to newspapers that are critical and so on. I do not remember any incidents similar to 'jang-group' or 'friday times' treatment of Nawaz. Please note that I am not trying to say India is better. This simply could be because Nawaz has 2/3 majority and no indian leader had such power after Indira (The leaders before Indira, Nehru and Shastri had much more democratic mind-set.)

    But anyway, you read and decide for urself.

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      Thanks a mil!
      Actually, I am trying to get my hands on some info on the Sethi incident.

      Also, thanks for telling me which side the papers belong to!
      Knowing where the views are coming from, helps a bit when you are trying to make sense of this political mumbo jumbo as I term, rightfully or wrongfully, the sub-cont politics!

      Please "never" worry about your views when talking to me, even if you were saying India is better. Frankly, India's papers do have more freedom compared to any in the sub-cont.


        Rubiya ji,

        ZZ have covered almost all the prominent newspapers. I read The Tribune as it covers Punjab news in detail being published from Chandigarh.

        There is a site which lists almost all the newspapers and magazines being published from India on the web. It is Just go to that site and pick any newspaper you want in any language. It covers most of the regional language papers also. If you know Bangla, it also have atleast 3 Bangla newspaper and couple of Urdu newspapers also.

        There are a couple of Newspapers in Gurmukhi online but somehow not listed on

        I think thats is more than enough.



          Some more links
          India Abroad
          Deccan Herald

          I like Rediff on the Net ( the best. Also Indian Express is good http:///

          Try also a newspaper from Middle East



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