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That Funny VW ad

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    That Funny VW ad

    Allright's a nice VW ad I recently saw and would like to see how many also found it interesting.

    Its about a buncha Generation-Xers moving their bed. A couple of guys wait by a stop light waiting for the light at the adjacent street to turn red. Soon as it does, they rush into the street and quickly stop infront of the apartment. The other group, in position to quickly load the bed on top of the car, moves in and start tying the rope around the bed. Soon as they make the last notch, the light turns green and they all look at themselves with great admiration for their savvy plan.

    And....then...when they try to open the door, they find out that they have tied the doors along with the bed!!!

    Cool?! Yeah! Funny?! Yeah

    It's funny that you mentioned another VW ad Ghalib. I saw that first, annoying (according to you) ad today while watching x-files. When I saw the ad, it reminded me of you and I wondered if you were watching it as well at the same time, with a different perspective.

    You know the other VW ad I find cool is the one where a beautiful woman and a man are driving these two seperate black Jettas along side and kind of ogle at each other. And they both have a baby in the back seat.

    I think the woman is quite attractive in that ad.



      Thats when I saw it also..... By the way.. it was an interesting X-file this week...after a long run of some boring ones..


        Yeah, the X-files was really good (after a while I would say), but the one show that I really wait for much more is The Practice. My Sunday night is always the best TV wise, first x-files and then The Practice. Happy two hours.


          I used to watch The Practice when I lived in NYC. But now, because I miss my dear city, I only watch Homicide. Sometimes NYPD blue, but this show has lost its touch.

          Speaking of Homicide, it has one of the best opening themes I have ever seen.


            I don't watch any of Homicide or NYPD Blue... I don't know, I kind of never got hooked on them. Besides X-files or Practice, my rest of TV watching time goes to rented movies.


              adab dosto,

              kaisay hain aap, bilkul thik thak....
     ho raha hay.meray khial main aap wahi kar rahain main kar raha hoon yani pahaili bujhwa raha hoonnn aap bhi bojhain ,,,

              hathi anda daita hai ya bacha.......