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A crime against Americans

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    A crime against Americans

    Is this a valid concern or some ranting because he's lost his job because he was paid too much?


    A crime against Americans
    Special to The Examiner

    I HAVE BEEN a software engineer for the past 15 years, and a good one at that. Seven months ago, my company decided to give my job to offshore software outsourcers from India, and I got laid off.

    Unemployment has caused me tremendous hardship. Like so many others in the Bay Area, landing a paying job has become a Herculean full-time job, fraught with tedious daily tasks and crushing frustration.

    I have come to accept that there would be difficult periods like this during any business cycle. But I was stunned and aggrieved when I observed a crime being perpetrated at a time like this -- an unconscionable crime against hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying, patriotic IT professionals like me.

    Allow me to explain. There are many job ads I come across for which my skills and experience are ideal. The reason I have not successfully landed one is that, according to at least four of the recruiters I asked, there are around 500 applicants for every job opening. That's an astonishing number. With so many applicants, it would be reasonable to assume your chances of succeeding are not very good.

    Here is where I first discovered the crime: I noticed a few ads advertised that they sponsor H1-B visas. I found that the companies who sponsor H1-B visas are invariably owned or run by Indians. There are thousands of unemployed IT professionals in the Bay Area who are U.S. residents and desperately looking for work. And here we see some Indian-owned companies who will spend the time, effort and money to bring people in from India to fill their job openings. That is unconscionable!

    I thought that there had to be a mistake. This is the United States of America. Surely the authorities would not allow such crimes to take place. To my horror, I learned it has become a common practice for some Indians to set up dummy corporations, create dozens of bogus job openings, sponsor H1-B visas for candidates in India and arrange a temporary home for these "successful candidates."

    These candidates pay their "sponsor" a fixed fee for his "services." They then stay with other successful candidates in an arranged home until they find a paying job for themselves with some bona fide American company.

    But why would the companies bother to advertise openings to the public when they have no intention of hiring locally? They advertise to satisfy the INS's minimum requirements for H1-B sponsorship.

    This despicable practice may explain why there has been exponential growth in the number of Indian IT professionals in the Bay Area.

    I am not being discriminatory or racist. I don't care about someone's ethnicity or skin color. What I care about is behavior! And the fact is, people have systematically taken jobs away from deserving Americans right from under our feet.

    The problem keeps getting bigger. I observed that when an Indian rose to a position of authority, he would hire Indians whenever possible.

    Friends have shared with me that when they succeeded in getting an interview at an Indian-owned company, the interviewer and almost everybody else in the office was Indian.

    My friends would feel like the interviewer had no intention of hiring anyone who wasn't Indian. The Indian companies invited non-Indians to interview only for the sake of appearance, and for state Equal Employment Opportunity reporting purposes.

    In any case, some enterprising Indians have learned ways around the law to bring Indian nationals here for profit.

    Indian professionals who have been brought in here through illicit means are swamping the IT jobs marketplace. It is hurting hardworking, law-abiding, tax-paying, patriotic Americans like me who are desperately looking for honest work.

    And it has got to stop!

    Comment: [email protected]

    Rey David has been a software engineer for 15 years. He lives in Livermore.

    A crime against Americans

    Its a tough competitive world.


      Effects of Capitalism, free market economy. America wants to open up all the world, these are the effects. Similar things happen in India when Pepsi, Frito Lay, KFC and Coke go local brands disappear and jobs are lost. Effects of WTO treaty.... Very soon China is going to be the manufacturing base for US products so everything would be "Made in China" and all services would be provided by India like "Served in India". India is emerging as a favoured destination for outsourcing.


        I think that if what this gentleman claims is true, then it is absolutely outrageous what is happening. If Indian businesses do not support the local economy and try to bring in people from India, it will not only demoralize the local population and bring down the local economy, it will create resentment and hate toward the Indian population.

        This is similar to what the Japanese are doing, they invest loads of money in land, businesses, companies, enterprises, and then bring in people from Japan to run the show, sure they hire the local applicants, but for things like admin assitants, copier repairman, janitor, but all the high level positions are held by the freshly flown in Japanese.

        This is wrong. Congress has already debated the Japanese issue, I'm sure in time the Indians will also be under scrutiny.


          Send Indians back to India now!


            okay so some indian companies may do it, some may not. There can be arguments such as when you have a company with its offshore development based in India, its probably easier for u to have desi ppl here who will be able to deal with and understand the workstyle over there and still get their work done.

            Additionally, the way he generalizes is kinda amazing. You can also show Local companies that used and abused foriegn workers so much so that the dept of labour had to step in.

            anyways, if all that this guy says is true, then with a tiny minority of companies he feels exactly like many desis and blacks felt with glass cielings or entry barriers in many places.
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              all H-B hires are required to post a notice at their workplace the first 10 days after they start work. It's for the explicit pupose of informing others of their presence and anyone is free to take the matter up with the Deparmtent of Labor on these H-1 issued.

              Just maybe the author is used to higher salaries than the expatriates get for doing the same job and better.
              JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee