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To all my friends on GS!

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    To all my friends on GS!

    When ever you feel alone,
    know you are not.

    When ever you need a shoulder to cry on,
    you can use mine.

    When ever you need some one just to listen,
    you can have my ear.

    When ever you lose you way,
    you can have my eyes to guide you

    When ever you don't know the words to say,
    you can have my lips to speak them.

    When ever you are afraid,
    I will be brave for you.

    When ever you fall,
    I will catch you.

    When ever you are sad,
    I will do anything to make you glad.

    I may not always know what to do or say,
    but I will help in anyway.

    When ever you have a question or favor to ask,
    know the answer will always be yes.

    What ever you do, where ever you go,
    I will always be here for you.

    If you ever thought I was mad or upset with you,
    that is not true
    I will not and could not,
    ever be mad at you.

    If you where ever mad or upset with me,
    for that I am truly sorry.

    Rani Rocks!!!!!!
    I have OCD: Obsessive Cullens Disorder
    Bite Me! -- Please
    I like running with scissors...makes me feel dangerous


      awwwww Ranu luv u shweeto


        Thx Muniya and PKM! luv u 2


          theek hai Rani jee!
          Hum khush huwe!
          Junoon se Aur Ishq se Milti hai Aazaadi




              awwwwwwwww Rani janu that was sooooo sweet


                RANOOOOOOO......u r soooooooooo shwweeeet.............kaisi ho
                Im MARRIED...wohoo


                  Originally posted by ayman:
                  awwwwwwwww Rani janu that was sooooo sweet
                  oh it was....


                    Originally posted by BrokenSky:

                    oh it was....


                      "maybe u weren't born to scale mountains, or stop wars, or draw a masterpiece. maybe ur purpose in life is greater than that, you'll touch a heart, make a friend, and give someone so much happiness, u'll feel like u've lived your life." -dewani teri


                        ...I know that which you do not know. (Quran - 1:30)...... Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?...(Quran - 55:13)...
                        Shikra was here.




                            awwww ranii meriii chotiiiiii siii cuteee siiii siso


                              Hum Hain Shukar hai....aap khush howe!

                              Broken Sky ..kya bola tum ne?

                              Ayman thanx

                              Dj_Aqua thanx sis mein theek hoon...aap kesi ho???

                              DT bhai arghhhh....aap ke ilawa sub ko kaha tha....hehe
                              nahi nahi...i am just kidding....aap to mere GS ke sub se pehle dostoon mein se aik the ..hehe
                              u r welcome!

                              Shikra u r welcome!!!
                              ps: last two verse aap hi ke liye hein...hehe!

                              Dai_sista thankyou!

                              nikii baji awww...nikii baji.....meri achi si pyari si sweet si sis!