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    IF a trophy wife is so desirable and achieved, why do men continue looking?

    Why do men look for the trophy?
    Is it because of ego/pride? The trophy makes them look and feel good about themselves.

    Why would I choose someone with a limited perception of me?

    Why is it so difficult for men to accept, when I look for qualities that fulfill my needs for a trophy too?


    Just the fact that the prime consideration for desi women is the guy’s occupation begs the question that is it not the case that these doctor or corporate type husbands are trophies for the wives too?

    We talk about desi women’s issues all the time what about men’s issues. But then if that is discussed, one is labeled as a chauvinist and sexist immediately.You said why it is so difficult for men to accept when you look for your own trophy.

    Since you just admitted that indeed you are looking for a trophy yourself, you are
    probably better able to answer your first 4 questions.

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      Mr. Fraudia
      Sorry about the delay in response.

      I think people often, both men and women, become so preoccupied in their search for someone who fits their shopping list…that they lose sight of what they actually are searching for.

      In addition, when that "trophy" is achieved…it is not as fulfilling as they would have hoped…because the search was superficial, so the reward is also.

      I don’t want a trophy not do I want to be one. But, everyone does wantt a little bit of a trophy…a sense that they got everything that they wished for and more in their spouse. It is human nature.

      I agree men do have it rough. Women can do everything and nothing and still men are judged harshly. They must be more successful, more educated the bread winner and the leader. It is a rough position but they also gain the benefits from that.

      What exactly would be a man’s issue? I have no problem discussing it.



        Is it truly human nature to want a spouse that is everything you hoped for and more or is it just a "programming" that both sexes go through.

        My personal stance is that I'm not looking for a trophy....rather the person that ends up with me will be cherished as one. That being said....

        I'm very curious about men's issues and would love to have some serious insight on the matter too. Please, let's discuss.