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    Freak you

    Have you ever called any customer Service rep of any company and next thing you know you are placed on hold for good 20 min. Thats not it the person tries to flirts with you.

    These are the comments i got today
    "hello Ms. Khan"
    me; hi
    "thats a nice name"
    me; thanks
    "what kind of a name is it"
    me; Muslim
    "hmmm nice very unique i like it"
    me; Thanks

    after some conversation about the PC

    "how old are you"
    me; hmmm turning 21
    "thats OKAY" [in a very s**y voice]
    me; what does that suppose to mean
    "Miss. Nothing"

    Paindus i tell ya

    khambakato ko flirt bhi nahe karna ata.. some losers make it so obvious ... jerks
    Life became all Gray! But NOW i have decided to paint it all over again.

    I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat

    i remember once when i went to pakistan..i had to call the telephone directory or something and then guy's like.. app ki awaz bohat pyari hai..


      abb iss mei uss becahray ka kiya kasor hai.... app hay hi itni achi
      Khudi ko kar baland itna Ki har taqdeer sey pehley
      Khuda bandey ko khud poocchey Bata, 'Teri raza kya hai?


        Re: Freak you

        Originally posted by nia_khan:
        "thats OKAY" [in a very s**y voice]
        sexy ?

        nice nice good ging keep it thanx for sharing


          Well dear, once we have videophones, all your problems shall go away.


            Re: Re: Freak you

            Originally posted by schahzad:

            sexy ?
            some how i read it as a 'silly voice'
            keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come




                good to know you know your initials
                Ba'Qalam-e-khud, deewaan'e-gs say baraah'e-raast, Jang Bahaadur Nawaab'e-Lucknow Shaan'e-Brampton Miyaan Shamsheer-ul-Faizy(H.R.H.H.Mister confused)