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    All Members Invited

    To share with us what contents they believe "should" be found under a section that is entitled "General".

    Your sincere and constructive opinions are encouraged so that we may be able to serve the forums in a more efficient manner.

    Please be brief so that we can complete this exercise in a timely fashion.

    Thank you in advance for your input.

    I'd say topics that don't fall under the other sections like politics,religion,.....etc r the ones that should be found under "General"
    Simple ain't easy.


      second that


        This is really interesting....

        When we ask for input and opinions there are only two. But the minute a thread gets closed or moved or deleted, the brigade will form and ppl will jump on the bandwagon to complain about injustice.



          Salaam all, i'm back...

          okay, so here goes... my two cent's worth:
          any topic that isn't too controversial should be discussed under "general".
          there boards for Religion, Polictis, etc...

          so, that's all.


            Gustaakhi and bad urdu mauf!!

            Only topics which are posted specifically/expressly under a "religious" or "political" heading should go to the 2 respective forums - ALL others should stay here!

            Myself being a deep-end liberal, fail to hold "any" discussion without bringing in some facets of religion or politics.

            Please note, not done so deliberately but just falls into place because without those the flavour is too bland.... blah!!!

            Gustaakhi mauf and Salaams!!

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              I really enjoy these pages
              It has brightened up my days.
              Life will never be the same again


                I posted this suggestion last month and will reiterate it here, again.

                There have been numerous threads concerning the Paki Girl/Boy; Women/Man; Husband/Wife; FOB/ABCD interactions and issues. Not to mention marriage and other issues arising from within marriage. A good example is Muzna's post on Multiple wives and its benefits.

                All these threads are scattered in Genral, Meeting New People or Art, Culture forums. I suggest we create a new forum just related to these issues, since the magnitude of threads and their replies justify creation of a new forum. Now, where this gets created is up to you guys.

                Best Rgds.
                Ghalib (still pondering the VW ad)


                  OK here I go:
                  I wanted to write in this thread the day this thread came out but because of my personal negative feelings about some one out there, I refrained myself to write in this thread.
                  Now I think, my personal feelings should not be a hurdle between TOPP and me.

                  In my views,
                  We do not need any more Forums (Sorry Ghalib Bhai, this is strictly my personal suggestion, no offence please). What I have seen that people go with the flow every where. They want to get together whereever they like to. This is our member's responsibility to get to gather in a proper place. Every forum has its guidelines and every one sees it before entering into the forum. It is our (member's) responsibility
                  to avoid the storm and go on the proper roads. But as I mentioned that people like to go with the flow, so we see that some time these storm is in the general area and some time this storm hit the Meeting new people forum. Here the duty of the moderator starts, when a moderator sees that the thread do not relate to the forum, he/she can get into the thread and asked the member to move it to the proper forum within a given times otherwise it would be deleted/moved.

                  Regarding what should come under what forum,
                  Every thing, which is not covered by any other forum, could be discussed under "General Forum"
                  Meeting new People forum needs more attention at this time. In my views, in "Meeting new people" People can discuss all the light topics such as "finding a new sole mate", Introduction, and marriage/Friendship topics can come under the "Meeting new people" forum.
                  Topics like "Listen" "to be or not to be"???? Background image, FORMANITES ARE GREAT, missin my city!!!!!!, geelay haath, representing your pakland, ICQ # NUMBERZ UPDATE, Dhanak99 - teesree SCP gol mez kaanferens, Introducing Monique, Internet Stalkers!!!!, kashmiri rulzzzzzzzzzzzz, How do "U" spend and celebrate ur Eid?, The Best Writers Of GUPSHUP Award Goes To..,
                  In my views these topics do not belong to the "meet new people" forum. These topics were more suitable in the General Forum or some of them for Arts, Culture and Heritage.

                  Topics about religion and politics could be mixed into one and other forum because Allam Iqball said
                  "Juda hoo deen sayaasat sey tu reh jaatee hey changezee"

                  I don't think other forums need any reorganization.
                  Regarding to be fair, that is where the problem starts. There should be the same lines for Pro and Anti Islam people. Who ever cross the line should be given the warning (Warnings should not be only for "MSAQIBJ" LOL, just kidding).
                  We should keep in minds that when we use the words "For Pakistan and for Pakistani People", you organizers would bump into lots of different types of people. The people who are strict and want to keep their attachments with their roots and the people who wants to plant the new hybrids. I know it is a very hard and very careful type of job to keep the balance between these two groups. When you use the word "For Pakistan" generality of your page goes away. So when you use this word, every Pakistani, Anti/pro or neutrals would expect a special treatment (by thinking that this is their own web page) and that is the point which makes your job more sophisticated to keep the balance among all these groups.

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                    Any topic related to daily life should be posted here. Islam is a way of life. If someone posts a thread which deals with our daily life, and he/she is supporting with Islam, it should not have been moved from this forum.


                      I am with Ghalib on making a seperate forum for marriage; Paki Girl/Boy; Women/Man; Husband/Wife; FOB/ABCD related issues


                        As I mentioned in a thread I started on 'Meeting... ' forum, I think General and Meeting New People forums sort of overlap eachother sometimes. When you meet somebody, you generally talk about things about yourself, your job, interests, etc. All these things give a way for you to comment on different things (things for which there isn't anyother forum available). The commentry, events and incidents, all of these can be either posted on Meeting New People and General forum in that sense. My personal opinion is that Meeting New People and General Forums should be merged into one forum and name is something like General/Making New Friends.


                          Hey Mods.

                          Are you planning on getting back to us on this anytime soon?


                            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                              hmmm...lets see....

                              With all the Formal Lingo used by the mods. I was beginning to wonder if this forum is actually run by Pakis.

                              Fraudia, thankx for proving that indeed pakis are in charge here.

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