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    " I dont know whats gonna happen man, but I am gonna have my kicks before the whole s&*^house goes up in flames" Jim Morrison.
    Is this wrong???
    And if it is, what might be the reasons...?

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    #2 responses....Maybe the title is too scary......
    Or maybe ppl dont want to be seen as ones, who would visit such a vulgar title...



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        No matter how horrible my life has gotten, no matter how low I feel about the world around me…I still have an appreciation for life, the world and the earth that God has created. I can’t comprehend such a selfish attitude.

        We have a responsibility to others around us and to our world. If I’m only here for my own greedy reasons then…..i will only gain greedy rewards…which aren’t that fulfilling.

        I wonder if that is the attitude in our society that is leading to the horrible events that are taking place.


          Arthur Shopenhauer wrote,
          " life presents itself , first and foremost as a task..the task of maintaining iyself.If that task is accomplished, what has been gained is a burden, and there then appears a second task..that of doing some thing with itself to ward off boredom.."
          "That human life must be some kind of mistake is sufficiently proved by the simple observation that man is a compound of needs which are hard to satisfy;that their satisfaction achieves nothing but a painless condition in which he is only given over to boredom;and that boredom is a direct proofthat existance is in itself valueless, for boredom is nothing other than the sensation of the emptiness of existance."
          The above lines are written by a guy who probably is one of the greatest philosophers of all times...If our first instinct is to disregard that completely , we should think twice....
          How did you acquire the resposibility of taking care of others and the world around you???? But you answered yourself ( and contradicted yourself) in the same paragraph)" I will only gain greedy rewards..which are not that fulfilling" you do all that to get fulfilling do it for yourself... in my opinion no one owes more than that....( It is indeed illogical , if human animal( spade is a spade) goes out to spend energy , for totally self less reasons....PPl who do that have a need to see themselves that way , to ward of the deeprooted, percieved guilt)
          Finally ,, he ( jim morrison) never mentioned deriving pleasure in any way that would be destructive to the world..He just is a **** house, that will eventually go up in flames , and he will make the most of it for himself...Maybe you are sensitive to feeling the selfishness...



            ...But you answered yourself ( and contradicted yourself) in the same paragraph)" ...

            I know.. such is the contradictions in my life.

            However, we do have a responsibility for the people around us and the world. If we don't care about them why would they care about us?

            That responsibility does not mean we disregard ourselves and our own needs in taking care of others....but not be so individualistic.

            I've heard that individualism maybe the downfall of our society.

            Will have to think about what else you've written.


              Hahahah...lady you are impossible...
              " however we do have a responsibility for the ppl around us and the world, If we dont care about them, why would they care about us?"
              Array baba,
              So we do it for ourselves...We care about ppl cause we want to get that from them...
              Repeat after me.."I have a responsibility to myself, it includes getting , what I want from ppl..I would do for them what I want to be done for me..I would give them genuine appreciation, so that I can enjoy them , learn from them and get similar appreciation from them....I would help them so that in time of need I have the comfort of hoping the same..I would share their sorrows , so that I dont feel alone with mine...I will not exploit ppl, cause I dont want to be exploited , I will not cause pain for them , cause i dont want them to give me pain...only thing that ppl will get from me is something useful,,enjoyable company , maybe part of wisdom that I have gained through my experiences..appreciaiton of their talents , sympathetic ear , and love.... ( ones that are closer to me would obviously get more of the same)The only difference in my friends and foes is that my foes wont get this from me...I still wont hate them or use them to vent my aggression, cause I know that is MINE...and I need to understand and dissipate it myself. "
              That is all we owe to each other.....
              Its OK to be selfish ,,its painful for others if we are very needy and selfish , without having insight in our needyness...
              We can kill some one and satisfy our aggression....or we can use the same person to give and take order to do latter , we would have to understand ourselves , the source of our hate, the source of our that it can be resolved..and yes it can be understood and resolved without having to satisfy it...
              We dont have to be perfect , to be good....and we deserve our full attention...



                Sometimes….i think that people continue to think of themselves a certain way before they realize they have changed. I reread my response and realized….i have.

                You’re right….one must look out for one’s own pleasure and joy and we gain pleasure from helping others only because it pleases us. When it does not please us…or is detrimental to us, we stop. I have done this…as you well know.

                But, I still don’t like the tone of the song. This isn’t a %*&@ house.. didn’t you once post a thread about paradise?