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Where the streets have no names...

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    Where the streets have no names...

    In my Ethics class, we were discussing the business practices of companies in today's corporate culture and the ethical values of various firms came about. My professor, an entrepenaur himself, bluntly stated that to be successful in today's business, one must be as selfish as possible or your competition will eat you alive.

    Though ashamed to admit it, I really feel that there should be a sense of selfishness when running a business but it should be to an extent that it doesn;t destroy the other. Even when I say this, I sometimes feel tempted to say that somewhere in the future, when I am at a crossroad of life and I have the opportunity to destroy the competitor, I probably would not hesitate to do so.

    What do you guys think? You think a business shuld practice selfishness to survive in todays world or should it share its knowledge and experience with others so they won't make the same mistakes othere have made before them?

    "Where the streets have no name" - Isn't that a song by U2

    Later on


      indeed it is!


        Pet Shop Boys too..


          "Where The Streets Have No Name"

          That sounds like my Mohala in Karachi.


          I design Dynamic Database Web Sites for mid size companies. My partner and I have formed a neat little company. All 3 of us basicaly got sick of the cut throat Corporate Culture.

          We have decided that no matter how much business we loose we will do it with Generosity of spirit and Avoid Unhealthy Competetion.

          Which is why I have hired a Chemist to invent a nerve gas that will kill all other visual Basic Programmers....



            hey guyz,
            that is life isn't it -in biz to succeed u gotta be ruthless.i hate to admit it but as journalist i have a basic code of ethics to adhere to but never manage i feel guilty.

            all the world's stage..and we are merely players..we have our entrances and man in his lifetime plays many parts..his act being seven ages((as u like it act i sc 4))


              My dear Ghalib

              Business world is not like playing GHAR-GHAR with your dolls….

              I personally regard competition as a way to innovation and development of new ideas.
              And Money is the main driving force behind this motivation. That is why if Perfect Competition would have been regarded as a bliss it wouldn't be just a part of Books.
              No matter how much we want to deny the fact but there are certain characteristics that are very inevitable to human nature. Our each action is guided by our selfish motives…even when we love someone you definitely need love in return…this is not some thing bad….just very natural.


                Hmmm....lets see...


                Nerve gas? Dude, just inject a virus into the computer or into the person. Save the environment mister!!


                It is hard to adhere to your ethics sometimes. This problem arises when you value system is not as strong as the ethical values require. I admire men/women who don;t compromise on their ethics, even if the required action harms them in some sense or another.

                My dearest Mahnoor:

                Thats exactly what we discussed in the class. Business world is not "ghar-ghar" but its actions tanscends into ghar!! Of all the stakeholders involved in the firm, when an action satisfies or benefits one, it deosn;t necesarily have the same effect on the rest. Ghar, mind you, is one of the stakeholders in a business.

                Now about money, is money the only reason that a business should exist? can't business exist for betterment of society while still making money? When we bring betterment of society into the equation, that when the ethics of a business comes into play.

                Ideal competition exists in the books only, and Bill Gates reminds me of that everytime I turn on my computer. But should this be the case?


                  I was hoping for a little more input and insights than this post inititally recieved. Lets see if the second time's a charm.