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    Is It Just Me?

    Or is it getting to the anyone else too? I mean all this roman urdu....

    You see...I love really perks up my writing and gives it a flavour...but frankly, I haven't the patience to read through the lengthy posts that are written completely in urdu. So they go unread by me.

    Maybe it's just that I have little time to devote....or maybe I'm short on patience....or maybe it's that everyone seems to have their own alphabet and phonics guide...or I don't know what...

    I also like to write in "our" Urdu but do agree with you that long posts do give hard time to read. For me it is because everybody uses different alphabets for different words.



      i only have one thing to say -thanks a million for this thread..the only reason 4 my so called absence is due to the fact taht i don't have a patience to read our can be straining 4 the eyes.and 4 some thread it is way too lenghthy.

      all the world's stage..and we are merely players..we have our entrances and man in his lifetime plays many parts..his act being seven ages((as u like it act i sc 4))


        Good choice for the name -- 'Roman Urdu'. I could never figure out what to call it.

        Thanks for this Muzna.



          Thank you so much Muzna for posting this topic, I have been feeling the same way since the time I have joined Gup Shup. I have not read a single message completely written in Urdu content using English alphabets.

          If they are few such words in a message intended for pun or lightness of the subject, then it's is quite enjoyable but writting whole message like that... too streneous for eyes and time consuming - definitely not my choice!

          But on the other hand, I guess every body is free to express himself/herself they way he/she likes.


            I agree that different people use different spelling for the same Urdu words and long posts are hard to read but to be frank with you I think the biggest strength of this site is that lot of people writing in Roman urdu or Roman Punjabi. If I want to read long and densely informative articles, I would rather go to some magazine or newspaper websites in English. But this website reminds us of our homeland and the life back home. It reminds us of our childhoods, our life during school and college and all that fun stuff.
            Sweetness and spiceness of this site comes from all those posts written in mixed urdu, English and Punjabi and few in Sindhi. Most of the funniest or amusing things written on this site were in Urdu or Punjabi.

            Although I think that there should be a standard way of writing Roman Urdu. I heard that some one have created a dictionery and guide book for Roman Punjabi back home, I wonder if similar efforts have been made by someone for Urdu too.



              Muzna youmust be reading my mind
              I was thinking exactly the same thing this morning
              It was making my eyes go funny reading through 100% urdu posts. I prefer a mix of the two it makes it more interesting and comical I think
              By the time I usually finish reading the posts I have no time to post anything

              Anyway see ya



                man I totally agree with all of you....itz hard..esp for a novice at urdu!
                22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                  Roman Urdu!!!

                  We have a new word! The English Language has been expanded by one word more.



                    I believe this topic has come up several times in the last year....

                    It seems that many of us find it hard to read especially whe the posts are long. Others passionately defend their right to use Roman Urdu - at least here, the one place they feel it's right to use it.

                    People like me just skip them after the first line. Others come to this site especially looking for them!

                    How's this for an idea: Start a Roman Urdu Forum,(General/meeting people, as desired) and request that on the other ones no more than one line of RU should be used in any one message?

                    [This message has been edited by Shirin (edited May 05, 1999).]


                      Yeah it can be tiresome to read the lengthy posts but i dont mind putting in that effort.


                        Chann jee I agree with you, mera yahan aane ka sirf aik hi maqsad tha ke main kuch urdu bool saqoon. Thakte nahin aap english boool bool ke??

                        'Roman Urdu' new word to nahin hai, kabhi Ateeqa Odhu ko nahin suna 'Mujhe urdu parrhni nahin aati, mere dialogs Roman urdu mein likhe jate hain..'

                        Gup Shup ko aise hi Mili juli zoobaanoon ke saath rehna chahiye.

                        Ziyadah urdu to nahin ho gai??