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    need some help

    hey,how'z everything going on.
    i needed some help.i want to buy a new comp.u guyz have some advice which one should i buy.don't suggest me pentium 3.i cann't afford it.

    Check or . They normally have excellent deals. I got a brandname Printer for less than 300 whose retail is like 600!

    Also check . They will compare the vendors for you.

    If all fails, check and <--one of the best.

    For a startup, I would go for Pentium II 300, 64MB RAM configurations. Everyone is including lots of Harddisk. So dont worry bout that part. Dont buy anything less than Pentium II 300. (forget celerons). You dont need dem IIIs or 400s unless you are doin some graphics or computation work.

    Best of luck. Buying a new PC is lots of fun. The rest of us just upgrade. Kabhi motherboard to khabi Processor...

    Azkar Choudhry