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    Door Da Piar

    Door Da Piar or Long Distance Love: Is it possible? Especially in the days of internet! Or is it just lust?

    Very..Very...Very....Very Possible!!!!!!


      of course it is possible....and it is not can it be???care to explain


        Far ka pyar ho ya nasdik ka pyar..ya sub bakwas cheez hai,insan apna ap ko bewaquf bana ta hai..aj kal ka duniya ma is nam ke kohi cheez nahi hai....log bohat bewafa hota hai..either girl or boy...if you have money the love is there.....

        dil...dilseeeeeeeeeeeeeee..dil to akhir dil hai kiya


          hey dilse ,y the pessimism
          money is not everything


            sonya jee...ya dunyia ik banawat hai,kuch log daulat ke pujari hain...kash is dunyia ma honest mohabat is all nonsense and bewakufi hai,apna ap ko tasali dana hai.

            ik shansha ne bana kar tajmahal
            urahia hai ham ghariboon ka mazak



              Jat yaar yes door da piar is quite possible if both pramee know each other very well. Love can travel through oceans, mountains, jungles, and deserts. If you love some body, it does not matter how far you two live, you still can love her/him and can be together in a suitable time, at a suitable place.


                Nice to see you here


                  saqib did not go to our section,i did post there also...check it out,how are you today...see you in our forum.



                    Doorana Piar (Remote Love)

                    AsiN teri yaad wich jagkE gujaar ditti puri raat

                    Teri chithi di intzar karkE thak gayE

                    Na dekhi kadE surat teri na dekhi kadE murat teri

                    Dil wich gujre khial lakh paye

                    TerE shabdaN toN esa lagda hai ki tere kol hai dil bemisaal

                    TahioN asiN bina sochiaN apna dil tere kolE rakh gayE

                    Eh hai sharabi di ik dastan, mukar javangE jad nasha utria

                    Pata nahiN asiN dil kholia ki nashE wich kujh bak gayE

                    Shaid tusiN thorE samajhdaar howongE ki sanu maaf kar devongE

                    AsiN sharabi akhaN de naal wi tuhadi sohni surat tak gayE

                    Ih man diaN akhaN nE jo door tak dekh lendiaN

                    BhanvE asiN tuhanu dekhia nahiN, per eh nain tuhanu akh gayE

                    A Poem by Kaka Gill



                      Piar could be attributed to sex. That is where lust sets in. An ambition to relate to a far away person could be termed as lust. Is it really? More discussion is required on this topic.

                      In my true opinion, doorana piar is very much possible. Because mohabbat does not have to end in a sexual act. Most of our historic lovers such as sassi-Punnu etc. have proved this fact.


                        Kayooein mohabat hojande hay
                        door daraz day lokain naal
                        kuj banday roshan nagrain day
                        kayooein ban janday na wasela
                        dhukh deyain kaleyain kabraein day
                        ofcourse it is possible aur her wu cheez ju poonch say door hoote hai insan usee ke khuwaish zeyada karta hai


                          KioN Jat yaar? kitey Internet te te nai ho giya piyaar?.... koi nai koi nai... aiss ummer ch eho jihiaN gallaN ho E jandiaN ne...

                          Two scenarios:
                          1. Piyaar pehley hi hai par saathi door chala giya hai: In this case it is just a matter of maintaining the closeness you had before. Will need lot of effort and traveling but if you have a good history you will survive.

                          2. Piyaar shuru hi dooroN dooroN hoya hai: Now this is more complex. First you have to give it some time to actually find out whether it is Love or lust. If your Internet or telephone conversations don't last for long time then accept that it was just a Lust...but if you guys click together even after many months and talk about lot of things other than sex, you might be really in love that could survive. Marry her and bring her home!

                          baaki sadey layak koi seva hovey taaN jaroor dasseyO!!



                            PiarE ChannMahi,

                            Kithe Piario, SadE karmaN wich hi nahiN likhia koi piar. Thanks for the offering of your services (seva) though.

                            This is a scenario of imagination. My dear friend Kaka Gill always envisions unimaginative things. I am just being a mouth piece for the poor fool. Especially, in the days of the last bit of the 20th century, when the arranged marriages are arranged across the seven oceans it is very much possible. Given the liberty of today's world at least the future mates can exchange letters these days. Then the wait for the immigration process, delay in getting the visa etc. sets in. That is where the hearts mated in far away lands long for each other.

                            Best Regards