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    so anyone here follow stocks?

    I was wondering if anyone knows a broker (preferibally internet based) that allows you to buy ipo's beforehand?
    witcapital does but it required $10,000 minimum...too much for me...

    Try e-trade, I don't know their specifics but it is worth a try. I believe the address is


      Dude..better be careful about IPO's. Don't jump in for the hype. You could loose big time.

      Suretrade offers IPo's also, but you're gonna have to double check with them. Their commision is one of the lowest ($7.95) plus they have no minimum balance requirement. Service is not so great, but nothing ato sneeze at either.


        yeah i checked out etrade, they do have ipo's(new stocks) but i think that you need to be a big investor to do anything with them...but return on these ipo tech stocks is alot, atleast 100%

        ivil opened at 24 dollars and was up to 89 the same day....same with pcln and all these internet stocks!!!!


          Ghalib, i didn't know suretreade did ipos, do you know where it is listed b/c i currently trade with them and didn't see this option...


            Like I said, you have to double chek with them, I thought I read that they offered them. But doesn;t IPO require purchases in "lots"?

            I use suretrade as my broker also. I started with them in Jan. of this year and so far, I am down about 5%...its not that bad considering the the fact that my protf. went down almost 30%.

            I hope you're not concentrating mainly on Internet stocks because they're very very unpredictable.

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              Well, I think that your advise on internet stocks is correct but you have to take risks to make big bucks!

              My roomate invested in novl and has made about 10 percent back
              I bough aol and in 2 weeks time the growth has been 20% so far(which is excellent)
              I think that these internet companies anr going to continuously go up, i mean they are overinflated but they are still going up because small investors are putting their money into them b/c of companies like suretrade!!!

              But I want to go into the big bucks and do internet compaiy ipos!!!


                Dear K2pK,

                Please be careful. The internet stocks are a wild ride with no predictable end. You made an excellent choice with AOL. I trade on a daily basis and have made AOL a permanent policy. Everyday there is a 4 dollar fluctation. That is enough to make 200 dollars daily.
                The online Trader I am using is
                SCOTTSDALE. It is at
                They will allow you to open an account with a minimum of 2000 dollars.
                If you are new I encourage you to avoid the Internet stocks and stay with the following winners :
                LU (Lucent Technologies)

                If you would like to discuss further please let me know.

                Minhaj Arifin


                  Salaam Minhaj Saab, I need some advise and I hope you can help!

                  I am opening an Etrade account because they allow ipo trading, but the problem is that I don't know if i will be allowed to trade at the ipo offering price! I am willing to take the risk of the ipo itself (though I think for the '.com' companies it is considerabally lower until 3 months after the offering date)
                  I am just concerned about how to get an is coming out this week, and it should shoot up just like did 2 weeks ago...there are soo many more, I just need help in getting in on it!


                    Walikum Salam Kp2k,

                    My freind did you see Price Line. Com ?
                    Please refer to the records of its first day. It was suposed to start at 16 it started at 80 something instead. I was going to buy it with the intention of selling it for a 2 dollar gain. Luckily my internet connection conked out! and then just minutes later it was down to 60!
                    You know I have lost all my money on internet stocks. I am telling you this from expereince my freind. I have learnt that there is a lot of money we can make. But it all lies with only one Stock : AOL. I have never lost money with this one.
                    Etrade is a good company.Please try to get the CNBC Business Channel on your cable. That gives you a live update of wall street.
                    Also Later on you should consider purchasing Stock Tracking Software that gives you a dynamic Moving Graph from Wall Street. Once you start making money you should be able to afford it. It will cost you 80 dollars a month. ITs worth it !
                    Acha Jab Millionare ho jao to Apne Mansion mai zaroor bulana .

                    Salams Minhaj Arifin


                      Yes I know that patience and hardwork are good virtues, liken yeh stocks be acha ho tei hai

                      well i guess you are right about internet stocks, I bought novel and have so far lost 10% in 2 weeks time...but it is slightly going up...

                      aol is supposed to go up to $225....that a huge jump...hope it happens!!!!

                      well anout ipo's, take if you had been able to buy it at the offering price of 16, it would have made u alot of money when it listed!!!
                      that a 600%increase!!!!
                      see, i thik these ipos are the way to go...

                      and btw- suretrade is the cheapest but no ipo trades yet!

                      etrade does ipos but they are very selective in who can buy them at the offering price...wit capital is also a good ipo trader...

                      question, how does this etrade uniter airline frequent flier program work???

                      kouie baat nhie hai bhaijaan, aap to abee sai mera ghar mai tashreef rukh sucj tai hai


                        Yar I am sorry. Now I understand what you were saying. You are indicating the intention of buying something at its initial Public Offering.
                        Frankly I don't know how you can buy something before it hits the market. Yar Mujhe yeh batao how could you have bought PriceLine at 16 when it was trading at 80 in just five seconds? If there is such a way then I am too inexpereinced to know about it.
                        AOL Is the King Of Stocks. I suspect it will split again at 170. I want to be there when this happens.
                        I am a day trader. I dont hold anything for longer than 2 days maximum. That keeps my risk to a bare minimum.
                        Whats your Strategy?
                        I am not aware of the Airline Miles Plan for Etrade.
                        I use Scottrade and they charge 7 dollars for every Market Order. I think this is the cheapest rate on the market? (Kindly Confirm)
                        Once again Mujhe Nahee Lagta kai AOL will be allowed to go up to 200 they will split it again. They want small traders to buy it at cheaper price.

                        Minhaj Arifin


                          yes, scottrade is the cheapest but i have suretrade(7.95) and was thinking of opening etrade(only b/c they trade ipo)

                          seriously, i think aol is the best, but i don't want to be sooo patient about it...I hope it splits soon...maybe i should sell novl and buy more aol

                          question, how much do you invest inorder to make money being a day trader...???
                          and how do you know what to buy and se;ll b/c these internet stocks are so volatile, the may plummett and sec!!!



                            I invest 7 thousand dollars every day. Because my transactions are daily I dont look for large gains.

                            On a typical day I will buy 60 stocks of AOL at say 145 and then sell it at 150. I never hold anything for more than a day. I buy and sell within a window of 3 hours.

                            THe best time to buy America Online is at lunch time on Wallstreet. The best time to sell it is one hour later.

                            I only buy one stock daily and then sell it. That is AOL. Nothing else.

                            Right now The buying price for AOL is $142 and selling price should be around $150.

                            I like your idea of getting more AOL on your portfolio. I think that makes sense.

                            Let me tell you what happened with me and Internet Stocks!

                            One fine day in December 1998 there were two IPO's. One was SKYMALL and the other was ROCKY MOUNTAIN(SKYM,RMII). As soon as SKYMALL Hit the market I bought it at 36 it went up to 49 dollars in five minutes. I sold it after 5 minutes. Made 2000 dollars profit. I was happy. And then Greed possessed me and I bought RMII at 28. I then bought SKYM again at 42 dollars. They fell! They fell like rocks from the sky. (Sob).
                            Any way Please check the price of SKYM and RMII. They are both trading at 10 or 11 dollars right now. I am still holding them. I lost all my money after these Internet Stocks.
                            Brother when I say "ALL MY MONEY WAS LOST" I mean exactly that.
                            So Then I realized that there was only one safe yet exciting stock in the market. AOL.

                            Yeh Thee Meree Kahani Apnee Zabanee.

                            Good Luck Millionair.

                            Minhaj Arifin



                              Day trading is like gambling....once you have the adrenalin want more and more. I wish I was into day trading, but with my schedule, I rather purchase stocks, put them away for a while and then trade. My "while" is usually about four to five months. Currently my portf. is down about 4% (it was down 30% a week after I started it).

                              You like to concentrate on Technology, i.e. internet stocks. I like to diversify. My current portfolio is all technology now, but I have set a target of June, where I will sell some of my technology stocks to buy a diverse group of stocks, namely in Medical and maybe financial markets.


                              You sound like you want to wanna be as volatile as minhaj, except you want the rush of the IPO's. If you come across some nice upcoming IPO's, lemme know, I will probably go in with you!


                              There's lotsa money to be made in the stock market, but I am still skeptical about the so-called "market correction" everybody is been waiting for. People have been talking about it for a year now, but the DOW keeps soaring. Now, it leveled 10K. When is it gonne correct itself? Is it even gonna correct itself now?

                              By the way, where do you guys do you research, if you do any? I usually use the moneycentral site on Microsoft to do preiliminary reaearch. It's not so bad!