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Guys why we have to do this?

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    Guys why we have to do this?

    I was reading jokes in the jokes forum and whenever I go there I always find some inappropriate material, always.

    I do not understand why people have to post dirty jokes or jokes which force you to think dirty?

    Joke is something funny, at which everybody has a laugh,if you say something funny about somebody I mean anybody it is not funny it means you are picking on someone, you are insulting somebody, meaning you are hurting somebody's feelings.

    And top of all we all are here just like a family we have our sisters and brothers here some are BALIGH AND SOME ARE NABALIGH they all reading your posts why give them dirty stuff. That is how evil spreads. We all are guests here on this site the Admin invited us here to have a good time share your thoughts and wisdom learn something and teach something.We do not pay a dime to Admin atleast we can behave and keep this site filth free. Befor you post a dirty joke or a filthy thought think and ask yourself Can I tell this joke to my own sister or mother or kid if not why tell other's sisters or brothers. First of all you yourself should abstain from such materials and if anyhow you hear this just keep it yourself do not spread it.

    Do not get mad or upset, I am not saying anything to provoke you. Even the Admin. does not want that stuff here that is why the deleted the R section from the jokes forum.

    I personally do not suggest desi girls to go on this site because I do not want them to read that filth. Our girls are clean do not make them dirty, please.


    WOW...someone actually has a brain...and with some good material in it!!!
    Joking aside, I agree with you. There is an appropriate place for appropriate things. And I just don't thing that such inappropriate jokes or thinking should be portrayed under something that is listed or called "THE OFFICIAL PAKISTAN PAGE". For Heavens, everyone who has the slightest attachment to Pakistan comes to this site. They don't necessarily enjoy some of the posts that I have seen posted in the past. I am sure there must be other sites designated for such jokes; so why post them here. Go there if you must, and read or share them with others who have a similar interest. I think this should be a family web site where anyone can feel safe to come and enjoy a little bit of Pakistani atmosphere. Then again, people might differ with me regarding what constitutes "Pakistani atmosphere." But overall, I think administration is doing pretty well in trying to control what goes on on this particular site.

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      I'm with you guys.