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    update your icq numbers

    Every one please update your icq numbers and repost them for the new commers. I request muzna ji hayya ji sadaf ji sabah ji gurriya ji khalifa and iqra ji and all the other guppo'zzz to get icq downloaded its so much fun and interactive
    check out and download the 99a beta version its free to download and the rest of it is free too.
    MY ICQ # iz 32408550 please add me to your list C Ya on the other side ha ha ha

    mujhe teer se na maro
    mujhe talwar se na maro
    mein kud mar jao ga
    zara aankh to maro

    repeat after me if you can
    IM iz D iron man

    The desi rapp Artist formerly known az IRON MAN Inc. Corp.LLC.Intl.Member FDIC