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    Complaint To kashmiriPerson

    Kashmiri Girl,

    I do not agree with your recent decision to close down the thread on Colorado Shootings.

    The Moderator should have no control over the direction of the argument whatsoever. The role of moderation must be restricted to the prevention of vulgarity.

    Once a Discussion is started and it meets the criteria for the General forum then it should not be discontinued no matter where it may lead to.

    The closure was in my opinion wrong and unessesary. Kindly provide for me the justification for doing so.


    Thank you for expressing you discontent with how a decision was made on this forum.
    Thanks also for allowing me time to respond.

    As a moderator, I don’t believe that it is a necessity to get involved if the discussion goes off topic. However, if the topic/tone of the discussion is better suited for our other forums….. usually religion or politics….then it perfectly with in the policy of gup shup to ask that the discussion be moved.

    I moved the thread…you can continue it in religion.

    I will raise the points you made about the role of the moderator to our admin and other moderators.

    Thanks again