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    "Christianity can salvage a little pride by claiming that they still have the pope!! Where;s the khalifa?"

    Not Even a Billion Popes can Equal the Great memory of our Prophet. For us in times of darkenss even the shadow of his memory is enough.

    They can ask us Where is the Khalifa? and we will smile and ask them :

    "Where is Your Prophet?"


    Stud Bhai:

    You're more than a 100 percent correct. The prophet (PBUH) was indeed an exempulary man for all the ages. But thats not whats in debate here.

    By the way MNI wrote:

    "...The underlying evil is the acceptance of absolute, universal authority of something considered beyond debate and criticism. And this spirit of religion - as evident in Stalinist Marxism as it is in Islam or Christianity - IS the root of many many evils and should be attacked..."

    To which you replied:

    "MNI Has Spoken The Truth."

    I just want to make sure where you stand before I say anything further...

    Care to explain or was it just a slip of the tongue...errr..keyboard!


      Dear Mirza Ghalib,

      I find myself in complete agreement with MNI.It is Indeed a mistake to submit the intellect or the faculty of reason to Faith.

      I Question Everything Including Islam, God, And Christianity. The Chrisitain Faith has not impressed me at all.

      I am a great admirer of Mohommad as he is in my opinion the greatest man ever to grace this planet.

      The Christian Church has a history of trying to demonize the Character of this Beautiful Man. A man who is loved by scholars, muslims non muslims and intellectuals. As a simple human being I find this role of the church very undignified and pathetic.

      The superiority of Islam over all relegions is clear to me. But I disagree with blind obedience and complete submission to its implimentation.

      (Ghalib There is something Beautiful About the Memory of Mohommad that brings Tears to the eyes, I dont know why but it does...)




        One should always question the reasoning behind what is being asked to do, whether be it religion or some whacked up order frm boss. But, pls. allow me to reiterate what was said:

        "....And this spirit of religion - as evident in Stalinist Marxism as it is in Islam or Christianity - IS the root of many many evils and should be attacked..."

        To which you concurred!

        It must be something I had this morning or yesrterday for breakfast, but from what I read here, it appears that you're making a contradiction with your words and faith.

        I am gonna use you're thread to answer Mr. MNI and put him back in his place. You don;t mind huh..?!


        "Bird brain," "munnay," "taaRoo'ing Muslim sisters in gulshan iqbal," "have you started using Victoria's secret," and "lollypop"

        I couldn't stop laughing when I read this. MNI you finally succeeded in proving me wrong. I thought you would resort to name calling after three for four posting, but you turned cry baby in just your second post? C'mon yaar!! You can blabber a little longer before you run outta words, and mind.

        "..No. you brought the religion card. Now this depth business is very thin ice. I wouldn't bring that up if I were you..."

        Exactly!!!!Religion card wasn't brought up for you, it was brought up for the rest of the clan here. Thats why I said "ME" when you opened your big mouth about it. You have already ceded the fact that Islam is great and we would not debate this anymore. Lets be a man about things and stick to what we have said!!

        Not about thin ice business: The truth hurts!? Doesn't it?!

        "...where did I condemn everything that religion has to offer?"

        Well mister, why don't you go back and read what you have written and come back and tell me where you don't condemned religion for its "evils" and what it has to offer.

        "..I am educated and very smart....People usually tell me I am eloquent. I must be..."

        Hmmmm... you proved me wrong once again MNI. Shucks!! I was wrong when I said your ego is an square inch short of lake michigan. It is the size of lake michigan!! So my axiom stands intact and correct. You're a Maha-Aflatoon.

        "...You can go back to taaRoo'ing Muslim sisters in gulshan iqbal. Or have you started using Victoria's secret in the land of the paleedh kuffaar?"

        I knew it would come to this, especially from someone whose ass-umtions and lingo is quite reflective of where his origins are. The hits finally had to come low and below the belt!! Kudos MNI...I wish i could stoop your level. Got me again!!

        By the way, pls. go and read my reply to your post in the "kashmiri girlzz" thread.

        "...Buy yourself a lollypop for coming up with 'ass-umption'"

        I am kinda fond to twizlers!





            Ghalib Yaar:
            What is this, I went away for a day and ......?



              Wait a Second. I just understood your message. You rightly pointed out my contradiction. At one message I am crying over the Memory of the Great Prophet and on the other Message I am suporting a Secular Liberal who finds Islamic Submission Evil.

              This is My double standard.This is my hypocrasy. I can't have it both ways you are Right about that.



                If you wish to continue this discussion....go to religion.

                It is now there.
                Thank you.