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    Different shakes for different folks...? Hmm, that doesn't quite rhyme does it.

    Oh well, forget the poetry just tell me what various handshakes mean to you. The firm, shake-your-skeletal-structure one to the soft, wouldn't-want-to-hurt-a-woman-cuz-I'm-a-big-'ole-man shake. And let's not forget the clammy, I'm-so-nervous-and-intimidated one.

    So muzna ji still trying to figure out what that handshake in chi meant...hahaha............



      I don't believe in shaking hands, it is so unislamic. Main sirf galai milta hoon.



        Oh CM jee.....not at all.
        Whatever it was meant to meant absolutely nothing.

        hhahahaa... but good joke sir jee!


          dard-good joke"handshake is so un islamic but mein sirf gelei milta hu"very good joke

          all the world's stage..and we are merely players..we have our entrances and man in his lifetime plays many parts..his act being seven ages((as u like it act i sc 4))


            My handshake

            I want to make sure that the contact and grip is solid i.e. the skin between the thumb and the index finger of the other person is firmly pressed again mine. Shake with the up and down cycle about 3-4 times with the motion not moving the hands up or down more than 6 inches . Stop.. press the hand a bit and let go. A bit on the military side It shows confidence, sincerity and strength. ( the funny thing is although I personally have been doing it all along, this was taught to us at Temple when I was finishing my masters, there was this free discretionary class where they taught you how to talk, dress, greet, toast, shake hands and the whole nine yards...the idea seemed a bit corny, but it was pretty good)

            I hate limp shakes, I can not stand clammy hands and for goodness sake.. let go of my hand after we are done shakin it pal. Next time some dufus just grabs my fingers or has their thumb on my palm I will head butt them :>

            Offcourse these hand shakes dont apply when I meet anyone from my fraternity or the masonic lodge. They have their own protocols and handshakes.

            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



              Can we judge a man by his handshake?

              wimpy floppy shake for a wimpy guy?
              Firm confident dude?

              Wow!! maybe i've figured out how to pick the one. heheheheh or rule out the rejects.


                Well kash...some guys say that they shake hands "gently" with women because they are acknowledging them as "softer" human beings.

                I wonder if they equate "softer" with "meeker" and "weaker" and "dependent" etc, etc.


                  Very tricky to judge the other person technique without looking like a fool or disrespetful.

                  Scenarios below (mostly apply when shaking with strangers)

                  1) Dude walks up to me with hands out..I size him up as being a tough guy so I prepare for strong handshake...with two or three shakes...DAMN..I misjudged...I'm now squeazing away like a mad man but this dude is using limp-shake technique. Now I look like I'm trying to be macho..he notices and increases his grip as I realize my mistake and loosen scew up.

                  2) See Dude approaching me about to initiate a shake..I size him up as a limp-shaker. He extends hand and we meet to do the dance. I guessed correctly it was a limp shake! I return limp shake but not too limpy and try to pull out...DOH!!..screwed up again..pre-mature shake.. I tried to bail out while he was still shaking....this Dude is going for an extended shake. I notice my mistake and reposition for a few more shakes. I think I salvaged this one.

                  3) Dude approaches to intitiate shake..I extend hand we shake and he does the two-on-one on me. he thinks he can out doe me! Well I can match him. I take my other hand and place it on got him...take think you can out do me, think again!

                  4) We start shaking and everything is is a firm shake and we are into up and down motion # 3 or # 4 and I notice he is about to attempt the hug/shake combo..ok this Dude is about to go all out. I notice the attempt and reciprocate but wonder why...I don't even know this guy..but I do it anyway.

                  5) Group or four or five guys..ok this one is usually pretty easy....grab slightly firm..up-down..move on to next dude..repeat.

                  OK...that was just a sampling.....

                  Dard....don't get me started with "galai milnai" techniques....those are even trickier...but sometimes more fun


                    Fraudz .... too good
                    and if u had been in pak u probably might have noticed that soft stroke of ur hand presumably near ur heart after a calculated time of 2.4 seconds

                    That really sets me bursting out loud with laughter!

                    yeah will try to copy that technique but as u know us desis would rather shake a finger or too instead of a complete hand....wonder what that implies ... nothin nasty i hope