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Colorado, guns, murder and society.

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    Colorado, guns, murder and society.

    For those of you living in a cave. Yesterday 2 high school boys killed 25 people with handguns, semi-automatics and homemade bombs.

    My questions
    Is this a sign of the decay of society or is it just that our media is much more readily available… therefore we hear of these events more?

    Would this happen if guns were not readily available? Would this happen if access to Internet underground anarchist gothic (whatever you want to call it societies) were not available?

    Any other comments?

    Well, Kashmirigirl,

    i think it is just a sign of the times. ppl are more de-sensitised these days, nothing shocks any more. If you look at the old films, (American or Indian) there are different types of heroes now. Old stars were clean cut and law abiding, (Cary Grant, Dilip Kumar). Nowadays the heroes are mobsters and murderers (Goodfellas, Scream).
    Boy, have ppl changed a lot in Pakistan too! Kaleshnikovs and shootings...guess it's just a sign of the times.

    So basically, i think our values have changed and the media has played a big part. While sensible people can remain unaffected (to some degree) it's the unstable ones who can flip out of control like the kids you mentioned.


      A few factors to consider ....
      1-Freedom comes with a price tag...if we want a singer singing genuine tunes, the same process will also produce a killer doing his thing...
      2-World is becoming a progressively difficult place, fewer resourses , more ppl, requiring highly specialized society and resulting stress on individuals,,,ppl are bound to pay for this change..
      3- Why is it so distressing anyway...human beings are used to killing, for reasons that are pure rationalizations to others..We are different than what we would want to believe .....


        Bevakoofi di koi hadd nahiN hundii.

        Jesi koko ustraN de bachE!

        Bevakoof parents who store guns irresponsibly and of course the bevakoof offspring who uses it. Not to mention the fact that the violence in both the new media and the films influence the upbringing and hence the thinking of the teenagers.



          Some facts about the killers

          1) They played DOOM day and night. Its a p.c game in which the motive is too shoot any moving object. Media is blaming violent video games for this horrible incident.

          2) One of the guys used '420' as his nick on internet...stating his mentality..I guess nicks do tell alot about one's personality on internet.

          3) Alot of literature related to a racisit group during Hitler's time was found in one of the guy's room.

          Obviously these two were not born who is to blame for their actions. I don't know if all of it is parent's fault or is the exposure to violent media.

          My question is... are humans vulnerable as far as brain washing is concerned regardless of the age? Where is Miss Psychology Felicity



            It is indeed a very sad incident. What is even more sadening is the fact that it was perpetrated by individuals who didn't know firsthand what they were doing. They "thought" they had the world figured out....

            There really isn't a single reason which outweighs the other for this tragedy. Its a culmination of all that you folks have mentioned above.

            Hate to be a preacher here, but I just want to remind folks here that muslim children in Kosovo have been going through this sort of carnage for the past 12 months.


              it is Sad, what else I can say


                Just a bit more...

                Among those 25 ppl one African American was killed too. Shot, just because of his colour.
                Seems like this Gothic theme has gone crazy with some kids. Those two kids wud always dress up in black from head to toe. Wearing Black coats in slush, and rain, winter and summer.

                Till then,
                Daysee Behna

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                  I think that there is a definite decay of the society. the kind of peer presures out there and the lack of family support are the main factors to blame than anything else. i doubt that if guns were not readily available it would solve the problem . the core issue is the stress on the kids who are not able to handle it and it come out in such acts ofviolence. there are definite waring signs in such teenagers and that is the time to help them solve their inner conflicts . Just trying to take away weapon will not in the long run solve the problem .


                    actually it'z 15 ppl in total that are dead....12 students..1 teacher and the 2 killerz.

                    itz really sick to think that ppl have to resort to violence just to make themselves feel powerful.

                    the parents of the 2 boys are really ignorant..they didn't even know that their sons were building pipe bombs in their house.....

                    "The ego is the ugly little troll that lives underneath the bridge between your mind and your heart."

                    22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                      Thanks guys for correcting the stats on the issue….

                      Can we really blame parents? It is easy to do isn’t it…we’ve got "someone" who’s fault it is that such a horrendous event occurred. However…we as a society need to accept that we too have contributed to the events that occurred.

                      it is distressing because we wish to be different and strive towards a higher order. Humans are the only species that kill for fun….why wouldn’t we wish to not associate ourselves with that perception?

                      My question is... are humans vulnerable as far as brain washing is concerned
                      regardless of the age?


                      excellent point.


                        Humans are definitely very vulnerable to brain washing.

                        America is showing on TV how they buthered thousands of Iraqis and now Yugoslavs without losing a single of their soldiers. They are trying to convert death into a video game where you click buttons and thousands are killed.

                        The attitude is feeding in people.


                          Well ZZ,

                          You probably wish it wasn't the case but i agree with u. U have got a smart brain when it comes to political analysis. However, i am not convinced wars can be won from the air but we shall see.


                            oaky i did not get to read all the messages
                            someone might have already written this
                            okay her goes

                            I am taking a psychology class at school and i do not think it is entirely the two boys fault

                            the school treated them as outkast no one cared for them the parents did not pay any attention to them, they needed attention, no one gave it to them. So they got together and formed their own group which happens to be associated with the neo nazzis i mean they cried out for attentyion with the trench coats and everything no one listened. this was bound to happen.

                            at this age al th teens are looking for an identity. The students mocked and did not let them find their identity inm a good manner so they were bound to go the other way

                            in a hurry gotta go


                              today to school I wore a trench coat... yes seriously... and well I got in ****. I knew it... well they forced me to take the trench coat off because they said "it's no joke, who do you think you are!?". So don't ever wear a black trench coat to school anymore... I guess that's a warning to you guys too..