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    Mobile Phones (Anyone know)

    I am thinking of coming to pakistan, I live in Mirpur and feel that when visiting i will need a phone. The reason being i Have a lot of friends in pakistan and want the best phone to stay in touch with both family and friendsbecause i will be constantly travelling. I also have a house in Islamabad.

    Please could someone give me the following information.

    What services are available?
    How much will it cost.
    Where could i get the phone from?

    P.S answers needed urgently as i am coming to pakistan in Two weeks.

    hey; i am new here so help me out ;;;;;;;i live in washington D C. i thought mirpur is in pakistan
    correct me if i am worng.......................




      What i mean is i live in England. But When i go to pakistan we have our own house there.


        Two choices I know of

        I think Paktel has better coverage but use analog phones.

        Mobilink uses GSM standard phones so your phone can most likely be used there and all you will need is the actual service.


          most of the companies here in u.s use the CDMA system and the phones are different than the ones used in pakland... the only company that uses gsm standards here in u.s is nextel communications. so if you have their services you are in luck. if you go to their homepage u can find the exact specs of the phone that you need and you can probably buy it at the good old circuit city.
          In anycase I doubt that in pakistan they will have coverage in cities like mirpur. so you might wanna give it a second thought.