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Your biggest weakness....

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    Your biggest weakness....

    So what do you folks consider the biggest weakness of your personality....
    This is a tough question , cause all of us here are perfect...
    "They" have weaknesses not "us", and definitely not "me"..
    (Lets see how many responses we get on this...)

    too soft hearted-forgive ppl too easily no matter what they do to me.lack of discipline to exercise,procratinates and have a major weakness for starbucks cafe latte and ny cheesecake


      well.....don't count me in that group... I am far from being perfect!!

      hmmm....biggest weakness of my personality?? there are so many that I can't even single out the most abvious one...

      Anyhow, I would appreciate if anyone from this forum would comment on any of my weaknesses that they have witnessed from my postings.....i'll consider it as an invaluable favor...

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        Over Confidence.



          Stud....well said..
          Mine is that I am too hard working and too loving and too giving....

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            LOL nova-jee - we all know that about you! Mine are similar to Sonya's - and liking to see everyone happy - and (surprisingly to those who've met me) low self-esteem.



              Oh my God......Sonya ji.....let me cut and paste what you said.

              "too soft hearted-forgive ppl too easily no matter what they do to me.lack of discipline to exercise,procratinates and have a major weakness for starbucks cafe latte and ny cheesecake"

              Sonya,are we related?....hehehhe....



                I'm too forgiving and too trusting.....well I learned the hard way....and now I'm tryin to change my wayz

                "The ego is the ugly little troll that lives underneath the bridge between your mind and your heart."

                22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                  I have two:

                  Flawlessness, and Modesty


                    Sonya and Channmahi,

                    Do you know that Junior's (Downtown Brooklyn) is the most famous NY Cheesecake?? It is indescribably luscious. It is sinfully scrumptious. If you havenít tried Juniorís cheesecake, you are not born yet.


                      Definitley French Vanilla ice cream....I'll do anything for french vanilla ice cream.


                        if we r talking about food...then probably anything with chocolate...
                        and if i may add one more...cheetos
                        oh and my new addiction...the white chocolate chip cookies...the reversed ones (Mmmm Mmmm)
                        ok enough with that..

                        i am...hmmm...
                        too humble

                        and weak (no not physical strenght)...i have begun to break down far more easily than i used to...


                          THAT IS AMAZING....

                          if we have so many people in this world who are so
                          Kind hearted
                          want to see other people happy
                          and blah blah....
                          Then why we have so much problems in this world...why people are so sad, why people are betrayed time to time...why so many eyes are shedding tears...why so many hearts are in pain....just WHY..???

                          No offence...this not to target any of you....this is what I hear and what I see....

                          Just want to know that if anyone of you have been able to cure a single heart in this world....things are easy to say but difficult to prove.....
                          Don't answer me just answer yourself.....

                          as always
                          P.S:I am sorry guys...the qualities you have listed as your biggest weakness should be regarded as your biggest strength....first be sure of your strength and weaknesses....

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                            If your question is about my weakness in food then it is "Mutton palaoo"
                            If your question is about the weakness in Personality, then my friend, full of countless weaknesses. One particular, I am a big enemy of the hypercritics, don't even wanna see their faces.


                              After reading the responses, it would not be too inappropraite to say that most of us are totally unable to either see or accept our weakness...
                              My remarkin the above post, was a sarcastic one....
                              If I really look at myself, I think my biggest weakness is that, I feel I am more important than others...( Dont overtly accept this to myself, but my actions speak of it)
                              My second weakness is that I need , appreciation of others...( This is hard for me to admit,, even to myself)
                              My third weakness is that I am quite flirta tious,and in the process , I know I have hurt ppl..
                              Why are we so incapable of seeing our weaknesses....
                              If these are my weaknesses , why should I be the last person to know??( believe me , ppl around us know that already)
                              Knowing is the first step towards , growing out of them...