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    Punjabi II

    I was reading an article on Nunavit, the newest teritory created in Canada by dividing the North West Teritories. The division was so peaceful (Of course no relocation of different linguist or religious groups took place unlike 1947!) and civilized. In addition, the date was coincided with the joining of New Foundland to the Canadian Confederation exactly 50 years later. I did some further research on New Foundland joining Canada. I realised that the negotiations began in 1947 when Bristish India was going through a partition and mass migration of populations on the basis of religion and language. What an irony!

    We did not stop there however. We tried to create a new country by suppressing languages thousands of years old. Sindhi and Punjabi really come to mind.

    It is important to have a national language, such as Urdu, and there is no denial. Should that be at the expense of mother tongues?

    Imagine Bhangra and Gidha while playing English music.

    We must do our utmost to keep Punjabi flourishing. Remember "Extinct is Forever". Do we want Punjabi to be a Hyrogliph or a dinosaur one day? I hope not.

    jat ji
    RE:Maafi Chahunda HaaN

    ThoRi deir ho gaey jawab dain ich...tussi tay khafa hi ho gaey...achha hoon ghussa thuk do.
    ussaN punjabi noon kadey vi extinct nai hon devaN gay.


      Bhra Zainab,

      Bahut bahut shukria. You just proved to me that Punjabi lahoo in Pakistan is still red at least in some vains. I am still awaiting if there are more like yourself who sucked their mother's milk and acknowledge her. This language is too important for us to let it bleed to death.

      Thank you very much, Rab Rakha.

      Tuhada Bhra,



        nai nai...Jatta.... eh te apni bhehan Zainab ai.... A cool Punjaban on GupShup.

        Jat ji, most of the people participating in internet discussions have not only abandoned Punjabi but many other cultural things and traditions. SO don't get that mad at 'em. Punjabi will stay alive and in fact will thrive in future not becasue of our fellow Internet chatters but in spite of them. People who are going to carry the honor and flag of our mother tongue are living in Punjab and they realize the importance of it. There are 1600 students of Punjabi in Kasur Govt.College alone in Punjab .. they will carry the torch... SO don't worry. JehRey til tusi toah rahey O ohna vich tael nai haiga ji.... samjhey.... They have a vague idea of branches, leaves and flowers but no clue where the roots are........I know it is sad for them.



          have to disagree
          nothing absolutely nothings cool about zainab.
          rab rakha
          country boy


            have to agree with u mundyaa

            tussi theek hi akhya....oops ai mai english tooN punjabi ich 'switch' kityya ai..thoRa jya trouble tay hoyga tuannoo
            mai aur cool sawal hi paida nai honda ji...
            assaN thaiRay paindoo...tay paindoo vi kadey cool honday nay?