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    Maafi Chahunda HaaN

    Maafi chahundaN haN for posting my last message Punjabi II. I did not realize that Punjabi lahoo is dead and has been replaced by water. The punjabi culture overtaken by some foreign language and some religious jealousy which considers that keeping Punjabi alive is both dangerous to the survival of the nation and the religion.

    Or are we so brain washed to deny that Punjabi is the most spoken language in Pakistan???????????? If we deny that it is our mother tongue, may be tomorrow we can claim not to recognize our own mothers.

    Once again Maafi Chahunda HaaN (please pardon me).

    jat ji

    just digged that u sound really mad.
    and yeah i just blood is still pure punjabi..really no kidding
    shukar ai rab da...balay balay

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      i am pure punjabi,changa ji


        well panjabi zindabaad yaar

        no matter which language (of asian origin) someone speaks to me mein tho bas panjabi hi bolni hai, ghar wich we assi sare panjabi bolde hai or bolde rahai ge

        Live for the moment
        Live forever........



          Punjabi puhllan ali shai nahin yaar. Thand rakh. Punjabi laho kadhi nahin paani banda. Preshan na ho thand rakh munnay!



            Jat Yar,

            O Key Bakwas pay-a karaindaN waiN? O' Khoon niklay dushmanaN da. O' MaN maray DushmanaN dee. O jayRay Punjabi 'n BhaRa aakhan, unhaNday mouN ' ich paway zahar. (Can you tell what part of Punjab I am from?? Guessing from my accent). Punjabi has been around for centuries, and will continue to be around until there is humanity. Not only is Punjabi a world-class (in literature, prose, etc.) language, it also is a very romantic one. I do agree that we need to preserve it on a popular level, and make it not only of scholarly interest. One way to achieve that goal is to advocate the 'liberation' and 'preservation' of all other regional languages, and not just Punjabi.

            There is no guarantee that teaching at schools will keep Punjabi alive. Latin, Ancient Greek and Roman have been taught at schools for centuries, yet these languages are only of erudite interest. So the argument that teaching Punjabi in schools will somehow preserve the language is very debatable. Some may argue that keeping Punjabi culture insulated might be one way of preserving the language.

            My personal view is that Punjabi will stay alive whether it is taught at schools or not. I see 'religion' as a bigger threat to Punjabi than the lack of teaching it at schools. The Punjabi Movie Industry (a great source of disseminating Punjabi culture) has been totally ruined by the Islamists in Pakistan. The performing arts are being influenced by conservatives on one hand and by foreign influences on the other. The obliteration of Hira Mandi in Lahore is a great example of how Religious establishment is responsible of ruining cultural institutions. Ethnic purity is being pulled into two opposite direction like two legs being pulled apart (ouch… it hurts!!). Pakistan TV does a lousy job in showing Punjabi folk arts and showing the 'real' Punjabi culture. Instead majority of the Punjabi soup operas only show 'conflicts' among big land-lords (that only make up probably less than half a % of Punjabi population). It is ironic that these Punjabi characters, speak 'Urdu' when they are portrayed in the play as 'educated'.

            So Dear Jat, Punjabi will live forever. Before we get kicked out of this thread by 'English speaking' moderators, lets move this debate into Culture section.


              Jat Yaar: Pehlaan tey idhar aaa key seeney naal lag jaa thaa ker key do dhoongey sangeeayaa dee tharah;