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Kosovo (part 1) - A blast from the past !

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    Kosovo (part 1) - A blast from the past !

    Assallaamu 'alaikum

    Just as memories of the inhuman atrocities in Bosnia were fading away, the Balkans has once again become a focal point for hosting yet another injustice against the innocent.

    In 1996 the world was appeased by empty UN promises to sentence Slobodon Malosovic and his Generals for war crimes in Bosnia. As a result of these false assurances, the only sentencing being carried out today, is that of the Serb leader himself. Only this time his victims are the people of Kosovo.

    Day after day harrowing reports come through from Eastern Europe describing the Serbian rampage across the region of Kosovo. Since this invasion of human rights, tens of thousands of Muslims have been cold bloodedly massacred by Serbia’s vicious regime in order to fulfil their ambitions of ethnic cleansing. Although the world has only been exposed to this renewed chapter of Serb abomination in recent months, ample evidence of film footage has been collected to suggest that such criminal activities have been taking place in Kosovo for over a year now.

    As brutal Serb paramilitary police march through Kosovo’s villages burning and looting, there is one thing that can save the civilians - the letter ‘S’ marked on their doors. Serbian homes are being preserved by marking them with a Cyrillic ‘S’, whereas residents of homes without the sign face are being forced onto the street at gunpoint or shot. The words ‘your money or your life’ can be heard echoing in every street corner, as the wave of ethnic cleansing sweeps through Kosovo.

    The men are often separated from their families and led away to prison camps or isolated regions where they are shamelessly slaughtered. Only last week, freshly dug graves near the village of Pusto Selo in West Kosovo were discovered. They may hold the key to some of the 100,000 missing ethnic Muslim Albanians feared dead. Although it’s not just men, but whole families who are caught up in this genocide, from the speechless child to the weary old. I saw video evidence of mutilated bodies where a woman had had her eye cut out before being burned alive and a baby, who must have been no more than a year old, lay dead with an amputated arm beside the corps of his mother. It was so horrific. Every member of the family had been butchered, and the house burned down to rubble - the roof that had once sheltered them, now graved them.

    Those more fortunate, anxiously flee their homeland hundreds of miles on foot, toward the borders of Albania and Macedonia. Taking with them what little they can carry, for some it’s only the shirt on their back together with the hope of ‘Escaping Hell’ as one refugee in tears put it. Indeed, this is nothing short of hell on Earth, as close to three quarters of the Kosovon population has been displaced, of whom 400,000 have been seeking refuge in the freezing conditions of the snowy mountains, without food or shelter for almost two weeks.

    With this exodus continuing, thousands of innocent civilians are herded together and bungled onto trains like sheep, without food and water up to days as they track across hundreds of miles to the boudaries. As a result of this Serb aggression and haste to rid themselves of ethnic Albanians, but more precisely of ethnic Muslims (as one channel 4 news reporter in the UK emphasised) many thousands of families have been split up. In a situation where mothers have lost their children and brothers have lost their sisters, with tears rolling down their faces, they desperately search for their loved ones, not sure if they will be found at all, and if so, alive.

    Within a space of weeks, more than 1.5 million of Kosovo’s population has been forced to leave their homes, in a state where not only the land is being raped by a ‘scorched earth’ policy, but also her women.

    Scores of women and young Muslim girls are being systematically raped, many by convicted criminals who have been released from Serbian jails, just to carry out these savage attacks on innocent females. Girls as young as 13 - Astaghfirul ‘Atheem - have been raped and left to die. In one of the most sinister developments yet uncovered in the conflict, refugees told of soldiers hand-picking teenage victims and raping them in front of distraught relatives. This provides a chilling reminder of the Bosnian conflict in the early nineties were some 20,000 Muslim women and girls - some as young as ten - were raped by Serb troops. Some estimates put the total at 60,000.

    And how can we forget Kosovo’s lost generation? They are the children, sitting quietly sobbing to themselves or pleading with strangers to help them find their parents. Under the canvas of 150 British tents at the Brazda refugee camp near the border between Macedonia and Kosovo, an ‘orphan tribe’ has been created out of the horrors of ethnic cleansing. Traumatised children have become separated from their families in the confusion of war and now do not know the fate of their parents. The smallest will not even understand the situation.

    These are only some of the realities of Kosovo. Every hour of every day brings a growing plight of refugees seeking sanctuary. Each one is a victim and each one crosses the border with new accounts of persecution. Our brothers and sisters are being raped and tortured, orphaned and killed. But even then we fail to shed a single tear. The Messenger of Allaah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wassallam said: "The example of the Believers in their mutual love and mercy is like the example of the body. If one part feels pain, then all of it is affected by sickness and fever." [Bukhaari]

    Serbia’s evil legacy continues, from where it left off in Bosnia. The stories are many, but the people are dying where the only felony the accused are guilty of is their ethnic lineage. This is Kosovo, a land where even the unborn in the wombs of their mothers have been sentenced.

    May Allaah Help and Protect its people.

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