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Can any Roller Blader/Inline Skater please help?

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    Can any Roller Blader/Inline Skater please help?

    Assallaamu ‘alaikum,

    I hope all is well with everyone Insha’Allaah. I recently bought a pair of roller blades, and as you can imagine I’m still quite a novice at the art of skating, which is why I ran into a little accident last week. My friend says that I was being silly, but I like to think of it as ... as a lack of experience. The thing is that my skates are of the 'aggressive' nature (or perhaps 'type' is the correct word) and have no brakes. So I was kind of wondering if there was anyone out there who could advise me on the best ways of braking ... stopping before I hit something would be nice!

    Thanks ever so much ... and I’ll appreciate any feedback.

    Take care ... where ever you are.

    i would recommend u buy it with brakes... see that way if you get bumped into someone u wont be sued and stuff if u r in u.s or listen to gaalian if u r in pakland.


      Husnain you have two options. One very awkward method is to always stay close to grass and as soon as you want to stop just jump onto the grass. Worked for me when I was learning.

      But later you will have to learn how to do a turn stop very similar to ice skating. Try it on a one of those office carpets first. Best way to learn. Good luck and remember to pad up well. The wrist guards are absolutely crucial.



        The only thing I can add to what dard said is to try it in the tennis court, and stay close to the fence, which of course you can grab when needed,,,,


          Assallaam 'alaikum,

          Thanks heaps for the advice.


          yaar, your reply gave me the giggles. Kya aaj kal Pakistan meh bohot zyada roller blading ho rahee hai? Gosh! I certainly hope they're not quite as enthusiastic about suing here in England!


          yes you're right yaar, I guess i should stick around the park for now. I've bought the protective gear (apart from helmet) including the wrist gurads. But the funny thing is, my friend has seen me skate and thinks i need the whole US football outfit! I've been trying one of those turn stops, but need a lot more practice. One of the chaps here at work told me to try the ice skating 'T-stop', but whenever i attempt it, even at slow speeds, i loose control and spin around, frantically trying to keep on my feet. Is it wise to try stopping like that?


          I've also tried fenced areas, and you're right they do help thanks. Although at times i'm so anxious to grab the fence, that i fall over reaching out for it.

          But i must say, although i'm sore all over with bumps and bruises, it's good fun, even though i won't be skating for a while!

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            Go ICE SKATING!! Much better!


     u must have breaks..itz usually on the back of one of the skates..a rubber stopper....if they don't have em..they're defective...return em and get new ones!

              If u have the rubber takes some getting used to...I remember I used to forget which skate the break was on...

     Dard said...grass..itz all good!!..just watch out for the unexpected giftz dat our furry lil friendz leave behind!
              22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .



                You haven't seen me ice skate! I spend more time picking myself up from the ice than i do on my feet ... lol

                The problem is that 'aggresive' skates normally don't come with brakes. Nevertheless, in my case, i think i need more than just brakes, particularly the way i tumble ... which can be amusing even. But i really do appreciate your advice.

                Uh oh! Must dash ... thanks guys.


                  Hassan...if u can rollarblade..u can ice skate..if u can ice skate u can rollarblade!!!......just be like really good at one of them..and then ur set for life!!

                  "agressive skatez" huh??????????????

                  hmm well have u tried practicing with that if u think ur gonna fall..u grab them?
                  22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                    Assallaamu 'alaikum,

                    Hinna behaan,

                    Hmmm ... so skating is the key to life is it? I'll keep that in mind.

                    The plan was to skate with a friend, but we can never fit into each other's schedule because of time constraints. Grabbing onto someone doesn't come as naturally to me, without bringing the poor victim down with me.

                    Oh, i almost forgot! Aggresive skates are built a little tougher. That's because they're mainly used for tricks and stunts. I must say, although i can't keep on my feet, i think i've picked up the stunts fairly well.

                    thanks again for the advice.
                    flaking out ...