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    your opinion wanted?????

    ok guyz,story goes like this-my very good friend (who is a sikh)is marrying a pakistani girl soon.they r having the registry tomorrow and the gudhwara ceremony on sunday..the marriage is taking place with blessings on both sides.since the community is so small basically every one in our community(there r about 100 families here) is talking about it...ppl r saying "r all the pakistani guys dead that she has to find a sikh..."my ques is especially to u guys how would u react when u hear something like this taking place esp sinca she is desi..her reason was there r not enough paki guys and even the ones abroad r not educated enugh).she and my friend r cambridge grads..
    (tyr not bringing up the religion or we'll get kicked out)


    Dear Sonya

    Sorry to bring up religion, but as it's the crux of the problem, how else do you expect anybody to answer this?

    The fact is that this wedding will not be recognised as legitamate as muslim girls are not allowed to marry non-muslims. The only reason she is marrying this guy is because she has no feelings for her religion at all and it is a dead cert that any future kids will be brought up as non muslims.

    So my opinion is that no Gurdwara can sanctify this wedding in the place of a mosque and your friend is free to do whatever she pleases but she should not try to justify or legitamise it from a muslim point of view.

    Perhaps she could get him to convert to Islam, for appearace sake anyway? I am not sure if he would require circumcision but perhaps she could seek advice.

    Your Xtremely Helpful
    Mr Xtreme


      Obviously, religion is not the consideration for her to base her marriage on. And there is nothing wrong with it if that is what she wants for her life. As for people in the community who make it a talk of the town, they need to get a life.

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        I see Muslim/sikh/Hindu kids marrying goras/goris, blacks, spanish all the time. If a Muslim marries a Sikh, not so bad at least we are sons of the same land and have the same forefathers very similar culture.



          The answer to this goes back to what Mr Xtreme says. The whole thing revolves around the religion issue. Will your Sikh friend become a Muslim? Will the Muslim girl become a Sikh? I am sure there will be enough people in either community who will not be able to accept the outcome. Hopefully they will have a successful marriage but I can foresee conflicts occurring. What will happen when they have kids - which religion will they belong to?

          What is the opinion of the people over there apart from what you mentioned earlier on?