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Beaten to Death!!

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    Beaten to Death!!

    "Interaction of ABCD's and FOB's" and "Rights of women and men in marriage"

    We have beaten these topics to death now. They're asking for mercy from all of us!! Lets give them a break and talk about something else. May I suggest:

    "BOD of fresh water versus contaminated water in the NYC system and its imlpications on our health"



    i second that
    sheesh mon.. like ummm
    aur bhi gham hain zamanay mein :>
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      I agree with chacha ghalib and of course mr.fraudia...mere khyal se agar ap apna khal ma raheen to bohat achi bath hai...calling abcd or xyz..dosent make any sense..if you have your own character and personality...that is what it counts....
      try to make yourself GOOD..this is an old sher I like it...

      Khudi ko kar buland itna,
      ki har TAQDEER se pehley,
      Khuda khud bandey ko poochey,
      Bataa, "Teri raza kya hain?"



        but you didn;t say anything about the BOD's...what gives??


          Dear Ghalib,

          I totally agree. Lets talk about water. After beating to death (as you so eloquently said) the issue of marriage it is time we discussed something else. I think talking about Water should be a good topic.

          I feel Water Water with Shame (sharam say pani pani ho gaya) about not being able to offer any suggestion to my fellow guppos about marriage.

          Pani Pani kar gayee mugh ko Qalandar key yay Baat
          Tu jhuka jab Gahir kay aagay na Sir tayra na Dar

          Pani ray Pani tayra rang kaysa
          Jis maiN mila du, lagay us jaysa

          Finally, one thing I like abut Water is that it is always wet. It cannot be mixed with oil, only with milk. I hope this information is enough for now, if not let me know I will be happy to tell you more about water, unless you feel that I should sink in 'chullo bhar pani'. Thank you.


            BOD ghalib??? as in a measure of Biological oxygen demand????
            hmmmmm... wont thaht make it a serious issue and hence againt the basic idea of "gupp""--shuppers ...LOL

            or are you talking about some other BOD of water???
            by the way high BOD in esturies has lead to high lobster popluations.. though that makes me wonder where that BOD is coming from...LOL



              Shukar hain...koi to kaam ka banda niklah yahan pey.... BOD is exactly what I said. The Biochemical Oxygen Demand. Since u;r an environmetalist, you should know yaara...

              In logon ney mujhe sharaam sey pani pani kar diya hain...


                A million appologies ghalib sahib.. i did mean biochemical and not biological.... writing late nite replies does not help my thot processes...LOL
                I see your refrained from saying anything on the lobsters thingy... by the way it does apply to both lobsters and other shell fish such as crab and shrimp....(one reason the boston harbour has become less "productive" after they stopped dumpinng sever wastes inot the harbour)...LOL

                As for NYC Bod i am pretty sure that is very low as the law required all water supplied to a domestic connection to be of drinkable quality... as for fresh water ... ia m sure you know that less than 0.3% of all the water on earth is fresh water , yet this makes up more than 99% of the water used by humans for thier day to day activities...
                as for their BOD contenst i dont think thast athe biggest issue as most river s do eventually become clean if they are so allowed. a bigger issue is regular pollutants such PCbs,and more recently the female hormone estrogen (which by the wya ahs been linked to sevreal studies of fish defects and low fish counts ) .

                hey by the way has anyone heard of CEPT == chemically enhanced primanry treatment === its a really coool and useful way of reducing pollutiona nd particularly applicable to developing nations. by the way anyone else here interested in nations development issues??? would love to interact about it


                  Hmmm.. time to take out environmental book and review.....

                  Any PE's in this forum??


                    LOL.... PE s are more into design then environment *-)


                      I agree

                      MIRZA YASIR

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                        I agree.. we should talk more about ABCD's, etc. They are so... funny! haha... oh wait this is against ABCD's. Nevermind.. I'll be going...