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renaming this forum ;)

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    renaming this forum ;)

    How 'bout changing the name from General to ...u guessed it...Matrimonial ?
    Here r the topics of a few recent threads...
    1.Marrying someone u have probs with.
    2.Getting married at the right age.
    3.Marrying your cousin.
    4.Attending an american wedding .
    5.When it comes to marriage...............................what dyu say?
    (....just offence meant to any of the originators of the threads..)

    " All the world is queer save thee and me;
    and even thou, my friend, art a little queer "

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    Simple ain't easy.


    I don't know about the renaming part but...I have seen the trend too!

    Is it just Desi/Pakistani folks or are other cultures/ethnicities confused about whole concept of getting married?



      your suggestion has been noted
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        Dear Queer,

        This is as 'general' as it gets. Matrimony indeed is a general issue. Unlike some other cultures, Pakistani culture places a lot of emphasis on the issue of getting married (generally speaking). If you ever get a chance to visit Pakistan, you will notice that there are whole sections in Public Libraries devoted to "Marriage". All newspapers in Pakistan have editorials written everyday about marriage, TV shows are all about marriage. Then there are restaurants that only serve to married people. There are "marriage Universities" that have graduate courses in "making the most out of your marriage". There are swimming pools only for married couples. The whole country is very marriage oriented. Finally there are only two kinds of people in Pakistan: married, and not-married.


          as i have said in my post before.. i thot marriage completed half of your deen ( for those to whom thsi would be concern)... so woudl that not make it a big issue in most peoples thots????
          perhaps what we should have is a seperate forum for matrimony/marriages... though i ahve a feeling that once that happens this one will not get nay pots in it