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Kosovo Killing fields

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    Kosovo Killing fields

    Mods. Pls. don't close this thread merely because it appears to deal with political agenda. Kosovo's muslims plight transends all forums, not to mention borders!

    -The price of a human life in Kosovo is 500 German marks ó about $300. That was the sum demanded by Serb police as they rounded up the inhabitants of the town of Suhareke, witnesses say. Those who paid were usually allowed to leave; those who did not were butchered, their throats cut on the spot.

    -At a refugee encampment in central Kukes Tuesday morning, Osman Kuci from Suhareke, told MSNBC and NBC News of seeing a man seized by Serbs and given "three seconds" to produce 500 German marks. When the main failed to hand over the money, a Serb policeman cut his throat.

    -The preliminary estimates of war crimes investigators who are starting to arrive here are that across Kosovo "at least" 10,000-15,000 people have been murdered by Serb soldiers and police in the past two weeks. The victims include entire families

    -For some young women, the horrors of Kosovo appear to have continued right up until the moment they crossed the border. Official sources told MSNBC Tuesday morning that young women were being taken away and raped at the Serb border point before being allowed to cross.

    Hats off to Pakistan for making the nuclear bomb!! Congrats!!

    Ghalib Bhai
    Aaj subhoo sey after watching the news itna udaas hoon keh biaan sey bahar hey. Kuch kerney koo dill hee nahee kerta.
    I am thinking that what these Muslims have done wrong?
    What are their faults?
    Any body have answeres?

    They are being buchered and raped just because they are Muslims?

    Shame on us, shame on us


      Ghalib sahib: How is pakistani nuclear bomb related to Kosovo. Please explain to me.

      What is being done to Kosovars is horrible and atrocious. It makes your heart bleed, not because Muslims are being killed but because innocent people are being killed for what they are. Don't make this a Muslims is a cause for all humanity. Please keep it that way.



        msaqibj bhai:



        When you make it a cause for humanity, you've seen the results of bosnia. Thousands butchered and we kept waiting for the so-called NATO to come and save them. How long did it take for NATO for term the atrocities as "genocide"?

        This is very much a mulsim issue because muslims are being butchered here. I would like to simply think that innocent beings were being killed, but they're being persecuted by non-muslims and are being promised to be protected by the non-muslims. Both of which have yielded nothing but misery.

        When you're brother is being jumped by a buncha hooligans, are you gonna wait for the police to come and save him or you're gonna take your jacket off and jump in the midddle? Because the police will probably save him allright, but not before he's gotten the beating already.

        In Islam, one one part of the body aches, the whole body feels the pain. So if one brother is in trouble, the whole Ummah should feel the vibration of pain. I can't stress the importance of unity among the muslims, and you're seeing the results of lack of it.

        I remeber this passage I read once, can;t remember the exact wording but here it goes: When they came to my community, I didn't complain. when they came to my block, I didn;t complain. when they came to my neighbor, I didn;t complain. When they came for me, nobody was left to complain for me.

        Pakistan's bomb is used as a metaphor to question the security which muslims nations should provide to each other with their arsenal. Instead we're building our arsenal to do what?? Stockpile!!?? What good will that do? Use it or shove it up their .......

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          I don't think that we should argue over the facts, this is a crime against humanity to our muslim brothers and sisters!!!
          Though NATO is 'trying' to help, it has made the situitation worse, before, "only" 4000 MUSLIM Kosavars were being killed or forced from their homes per week by the serbs but after the NATO air attacks, it is now 4000 per day!!!

          The serb animals did this once before to Bosnian muslims too; it is a shame that the world let it continue for so long!!!

          But on the same token, Saddam Hussain is killing Kurds in Iraq, and what about algeria where whole families aren't even given a chance to escape death!!!These are Muslim on Muslim crimes, equally weighted against humanity, but here the westeners will not intefere because these victims are not in europe. So it is left up to us, as it should be to free our muslims from tyranny.

          I don't mean to criticize us or NATO for not doing anything or enough, but I just mean to say that we are getting whipped left and right and we continue to stand there until we fall...


            I agree with you about the Muslims being killed in other area of the world.
            But what is the faults of Muslims of Kosove?
            What have they done wrong?
            These are some questions to all the Humanity?
            Does any one have answers?
            I do not expect any justice not even from USA and its allies

            For USA and Its Allies

            Mujh ko kehtey hain khamoosh rehney koo
            issi khamooshee main mera kaam tumaam ker dalaa
            Tujsey pehley hee insaaf kee umeed na thhee
            phir bhee too ney insaaf kaa naam badnaam ker dalaa

            "Tum sey keyaa rakhey koee munsafee kee umeed
            Katal-e-aam koo tum ney hadasa banaa dalaa

            Chotey sey zakham pey raam raam kerney waloo
            saarey shaher ko tum ney chita banaa dalaa

            Hum to phool jesey thhey aag banaa dalaa
            hayai in fasadoon keya sey keya banaa dalaa

            Promoting Islam and Pakistan positively won't insult your intelligence.

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              the current NATO stratety seems to be rolling over to the serbs side covertly. Two weeks of continous 'bombing' by the most high tech weapon systems one could imagine and still we can see the floods of refugees crossing over the borders, why is that?? and now US/NATO is talking about dispersing those Kosovars in neighbouring countries, isn't what serbs been tryin' to achieve?? once all those Kosovars been disintegrated into small communities, away from their homeland, who's goin' go for the cause of an independent Kosovo anyway??
              Hats off to our muslim leaders, haven't seen a single committed word of support from any major muslim country as yet


                KK, are you serious, no muslim country has responded or even condoned serbia for its actions; if so it is quite a pathetic reflection on us



                  On the contrary..Pakistan condemned yugoslavia for the atrocities. But then again, is pakistan a truly muslim country to begin with?

                  Nevertheless, for now, all I can say is "Drop the Bomb"


                    Just like to let everyone know that about 400 civilians from yonkers, NY are volumtering to join KLA. These civilians will fly out to Albania this week, and will cross into kosovo to fight alongside KLA.


                      ....and OIC members are still tryin' to move their butts on this issue, they haven't been able yet to come up even with one solid defined strategy. The joke was that they were talking about sending ground troops!!! but certain members didn't like this idea, so after issuing a formal statement, they'r back to their lavish palaces, hoping NATO will take care of this for them....


                        The thing that boggles my mind is why hasnít any muslim country stepped up and offered to help. I can see that it will not become a UN sanctioned war because the Russians will not let the Security Council approve it. This fact prohibits Non NATO countries from joining in, however, as far as aid goes, no one is stopping any country or any organization to help the refugees.

                        It is indeed shameful that the wealthy muslim countries have not made any commitments to help these people. Of all countries, I would think, Kuwait would be able to relate somehow, because it was not too long ago when the leader of that country begged for support in the United nations while weeping. How soon they forget, that the front line soldiers in the operation desert storm were muslims and their attempts helped restore Kuwaitís independence and the rule of the Sheikhs. What about the so called guardian of the faith, Khadim e Harmain Shareefain.. what spell fell on his tongue that it has not uttered one word to initiate any practical measures to help the suffering refuges. I am thoroughly disgusted by each and every one of these leaders.

                        Even in our own country, the Mullah groups are doing their general bakbak but have they bothered to do anything.. anything at all? I am not suggesting getting involved in the conflict.. but there is a need to aid our muslim brethren, humanitarian efforts are the minimum we can do and we are not even doing that. Would and could this lack of support for the suffering refugees be used as a political card? Rest assured that it will.... but from what it seems that is all that it will ever be.

                        Shame on all of these leaders, shame on their abuse of religious sentiments to polish their political agendas and power, shame on their lack of heart, of faith and of concern for the refugees.

                        Shame on us for electing them and/or letting them rule.

                        We have a good size group here, I guess similar goes for the Chowk and Rag site. Lets try to help somewhat..the minimum we can do is some financial assistance for food and supplies. There are relief agencies there, some with UN funding and some funded by voluntary contributions. Each dollar we donate can help feed a needy child, provide medicine to an ailing elder and provide shelter for some suffering family.

                        Ghalib... lets try to chart a plan of action. Anyone willing to join in?
                        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                          The biggest factor I consider when offering financial assistance to any organization is the percentage they use for administrative cost and the percentage they spend on the actual cause. There are anumerous organizations out here, here's the one which impresses me.

                          Mecry International (
                          Tax ID number: 38-2846307
                          Credit Cards accepted.
                          Administrative cost: 14%

                          If you know of any other organization with a lower administrative cost, pls. post!!

                          Just to point out, the lowest administrative cost i have ever seen is with the Imran Khan's cancer appeal. It was a mere 3%. He was serving daal chawal at his fund raiser in Mnahattan. Kudos!!!

                          One of the highest I have come across is 51%. I've heard of figures in the 80's. But not yet seen on the paper so can;t really comment.


                            Fraudz wrote: "The thing that boggles my mind is why hasnít any muslim country stepped up and offered to help."

                            It definately is sad that few Islamic countries are helping. In a CNN report this morning they displayed a list of countries contributing to humanitarian aid in the refugee crisis. I could only see 3 Muslim countries on their list:


                            At least we made that list. But where are the Arab countries. Either the CNN report missed them, or their contribution is negligible or nil.

                            Ghalib: Mercy International is an excellent organization. I've heard good things about it as well. Thanks for the information.