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How often do you guys check this site?

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    How often do you guys check this site?

    Guys, since most of my work is on computers and I am connected to the net, I check this site so much that even I loose track. In the past three or so weeks, I've written more here than on my next upcming project due April 20. This hasn;t happen since 94 when I was IRC'ing my classes away. Need professional help!!

    Any recommendation?

    YEAH Get a Life ( only joking)

    It happens ghalib jee it's just one of those things
    Human beings are a very intereting species and when you have so many of them discussing so many different things all on one site then you are bound to get addicted. Ever since i joined this forum I am having the same problem
    Not to worry just take a chill pill

    Take care

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      hehehe...thankx shabnam...but from 7 a.m. to 4.p.m... i don;t have a choice...I have to stay by this computer!!

      By the way, I have been hearing alot about this chill pill. I asked my local pharmacist about it and he started staring at me...I asked a doctor friend and we''re not freinds anymore. So where does one go about getting this pill?? is it prescription only?


        Chill pill ke liye ghalib jee aap apne sar par bara saara baraf ka pack rakh deejiye
        phir khud hi chill ho jaaenge
        Sorry about the oh so late response



          Same with me Ghalib Bhai:
          Even some time from 7.00am to 7.00pm I am stuck with this computer.


            I check this site 3 times a day

            MIRZA YASIR

            [email protected]
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              wah....wah..wah.. mirzabhai... Nice to see that someone has their priorities straight!!