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Men Can Have Babies?

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    Men Can Have Babies?

    In today's Toronto Star, Life Section an article was published discussing a new book which discusses breakthroughs in science which could lead to the first male experiencing pregnancy. Written by Trish Crawford, here it is in condensed form (my summary):

    Oh Baby! Is This Progress?

    "Yes it is possible for men to be pregnant but scientists say the implications are distressing...One of the pioneers in in-vitro fertilization, Lord Robert Winston, has written a book, to be released later this month, detailing how it is technically possible for a man to have a baby...An embryo would have to be implanted in a man's abdomen, where it would grow and than be removed surgically...The fetus must be removed surgically because, not being placed in the uterus which usually contracts and expels a baby during birth, it has no way to get out...In the case of a man, surgery is the only option....Because the embryo isn't in the uterus, it doesn't have access to the proper nutrients and starts sending out distress signals...[However], the fact that men can have babies has been known for years As long as the fetus can get blood it can develop. It would be treated just like an ectopic pregnancy...If this was to happen to a man, some woman would first have to donate an egg to the enterprise. Although this is unlikely, some clinics may process eggs donated by women for their own future use or that of other infertile couples. The man would have to be filled with hormones and the fertilized embryo would have to be surgically implanted in his abdominal cavity."

    Quotes from others:

    "Although one is looking to extend the boundaries of technology, this serves no purpose." Dr. John Challis (UofT)
    "I can see research taking us further and further out on a limb...but there are things that are not justified." Suzanne Scorsone, Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies.
    "This trivializes the suffering of those who deeply want to have children. It trivialized the work people are doing to help them." Dr. Art Leader, Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society
    "Oh it will be tried, no doubt about that, and it will be very, very dangerious...Any man would be risking his life to do this." Dr. Togas Tulandi, McGill University.
    "The man would experience breast enlargement and his testicles would shrink up. He also runs a high risk of bleeding. This is asking much." Dr. Seang Lin Tan, Dept. Of Obstetrics and Gynecology, McGill University.
    "Our opinions of what is possible and who deserves fertility treatment have changed as dramatically as our technology." Dr. Anne Claessens, Toronto Hospital
    "If people born over 100 years ago saw what we can do today, their minds would be blown. Much human welfare comes from innovation. In many ways, its the unnatural which makes our life better." Laura Purdy, UofT, Dept. Of Philosophy.

    Your thoughts?


    This idea and means to carry it out have been there for sometime now....Its good to have any option, but I , myself fail to think of situations where this would be a good choice......
    I truely feel that scientific advancement, has out run the moral/ ethical resolutions needed for its application....( in past 100 or so yrs)
    I hope our dream of what world needs to be is not in conflict with the designs of nature.....cause in that case , we will come out as second best...or worst...


      Just watch the movie "Junior" and goto bed and let nature work the way it should.


        A very follish idea


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          Until they make a man "deliver" the child as a woman's futile.