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To miss.Asif (the one true love)

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    To miss.Asif (the one true love)

    ab mujhay yakeen hoo gaya hai kay main aap kay kabil nahin hoo sakta.. main humaisha soochta hoon kay this is the last time but..........ab too mujhay aap say dur lugnay laga hai ...laanat hai mujh jasay jahil aadmi kee zindagi aap ka wuqt burbaad kara . meree zindagi ka end to shayad kisi road par kutay kee tarhan goli say murna thaa.

    i hate my life , hate it from the day i thought u luved me kuz u couldnt luv any one except for ur self...u werent ever ***** there when i needed u (meree zindagi kay buray treen wuqt main bhee), allways had problems of ur own , first ur parents then ur green card..and now a new one.

    Darn u miss.Asif aur meree pori zindagi pur bhee.

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    Arbab mian...
    I dont understand the purpose of this post...if you think she will be so thrilled that , she will drop everything and run to you , after reading this,,, you are delusional....
    Ghalib kaa shair hay...
    Nikala chahtta haay kaam, abb taanooN say too ghalib,
    Teray Be-mehr kehnay saay , voh tujh pay meherbaaN kyyuoon hoo.
    If you want sympathy from others ,,too,,, I feel for you....
    looks like you were in for something that wasnt happens.....narazgee ka koi faida nahein.....Its a big world...
    It would be neat though , if you would remove the F word from your posts....otherwise the ladies in this forum would probably not be able to provide much sympathy....
    One last thing..when something doesnt go right, usually both parties have a role in it...use this experience to learn , what you could have done differently, so that your next adventure is more fulfilling..

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