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The Krachi problem

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    The Krachi problem

    Defined by some one who grew up with em.

    1.Karachi is earning about 70% of pakistans total GDP and getting 7% in return.
    2.our primem minister and all the leaders have fleets of brand new 600sel merz in every city.
    3.I saw the first auto-matic pistol @ the age of 13 (a class mate brought it to school).
    4.the heads of police are all jahil(they couldnt even proper read properly)and never from karachi.
    5.High quality Charas (hashish) is available freely (under police protection) for a price of 15cents(by in bulk in ull get a discount).
    6.The everage salary of a graduate (with exp is) 5000rs 100$ a month.
    7.A student of mine a BS(electronics)dosent know what MHZ means(the formal education sucks).
    8.I live in an area where we have to pay 40 rupees per house per month and per shop 100 to 1000 rupees a month as butha (no names)
    9.The list goes onn.........

    Voice of the ppl(who dont have access to the net)

    p.s do pardon my english.

    Half truths are dangerous than writing
    outright lies.


      Please ask these questions from your elders who are/were responsible for all this mess. If you do not accept the land where you earn your livelihood, the land will not only reject you but also kicks you out.


      FARID M


        Dear Chaloo,

        I think that the only factor on your list that may affect you is # 5 (i.e., price of Charas). Why are you worried about the other things anyway?

        If you were educated in Karachi, then I will have to agree with you on point # 7 (education!) because you sound like someone who needs some good quality education.

        After a few joints, try to think of some solutions to the points you have mentioned, that might be helpful.


          Ahmadhi Bhai:

          banda ban ja!! Har eik sey panga lena zarrori hain?


            Yar Ghalib Bhai,

            Kiya Yar Tum nay Sara Raz Khol diya hay.

            I do it just for guppshup sake, my dear. Only in good taste. If you keep it a secret, I will "spare" you


              hehhehe....maaf karna baba...pata nahin tha!