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HUMPOST - Free Email To Post Service For Pakistanis

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    HUMPOST - Free Email To Post Service For Pakistanis

    TAHIR BAZAAR, a US based Company, has developed HUMPAK
    and HUMPOST services for those Pakistanis who are living outside

    <a href=">HUMPOST</a> Service is
    the first on-line postal service for Pakistanis living abroad.
    HUMPOST offers savings in time, stationary and postage as well
    as all the convenience of sending letters on-line without leaving
    home or office. You will even come closer to Pakistan.

    HOW WE WORK: The letter is sent as a data file electronically
    through Internet to our office in Pakistan. Within hours we print
    these letters; place in a stamped envelope and mail it through the
    Local Postal Service in Pakistan. The letter reaches the
    designated address within 2-3 working days.

    Our HUM POST service is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Our Sponsors in
    Pakistan pay the cost. Go ahead. Send a letter to Pakistan from

    Besides, with every letter dispatched from our site, we are
    including the senders name in a monthly DRAW for 10 Greeting
    Cards. They will be delivered FREE in Pakistan.

    >------------WE SEEK YOUR CO-OPERATION -----------

    * You can send us the names and e-mail addresses of Pakistanis
    who are registered with you. We shall inform them of our services
    with a thank you note to you. We are also prepared to link your
    sites URL on our home page.


    * You can inform your readers directly by sending a copy of our
    message in this e-mail.


    * You can send us the names of all such Organizations and
    Societies who are working in USA, Canada, UK and other Middle
    Eastern countries where Pakistanis are members.

    In all cases you are helping Pakistanis save money as well as
    come closer to Pakistan.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification. WE PROMISE
    and guarantee that all your information will be kept in strict
    confidence and shall not be traded.

    Yours sincerely,


    Mr. Surti:

    You're ultimately relying on Pakistan Postal service, which considers delivering the mail a favor, not a job! Needless to say that I have had some terrible experiences with paki mail system. In pakistan, not many pakis trust their important documents with anyone other than DHL or FedEx.

    Besides, your service seems geared towards casual letters or contacts to pakistan.


      Mr. Ghalib,

      You are right. We are providing HUMPOST service to expatriate Pakistanis for their casual and personal letters. You will still have to send your important documents through Express Mail Services like FedEx or DHL. These services can not be replaced by any electronic mail.

      What we provide is a service that can be used by Pakistanis to send mail from the comfort of their homes without use of paper, postage or stamps. It even saves time to go to Post Office and stand in queue.

      Why don't you try it once and see how it perform? You will be happy to recommend it to your friends, relatives and collegues.


        Your services surely sound like they're worth a try.


          Thank you for your encouraging comments.
          I do hope that you will help spread the news around of our Free Service for Pakistanis living abroad. I have seen that you contribute generously in several chat programs and your views around will be appreciated by others too.



            The service does not seems to be free. Some one has to pay for the expenses of receiving e-mail, printing and ultimately mailed to the addressees. I wonder who would pay for these services? Or is it a form of promotion to start a new business? You may not answer these questions if otherwise the intention is to provide volunteer service. I know that, unfortunately, access to Internet is quite expensive in Pakistan only few people can afford unlimited access.


            FARID M


              what can i say, there's no one here in indiana that i could talk with!!


                The service is free for the mailer and the recepient. The cost is paid by the sponsers in Pakistan. Please read our FAQ's at site and all the other info available there.