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    a tall dark paki ....wana get married ASAP . the girl should be a namazi , purdaydar and let me know parents would contact urs.

    Curriculum vitae
    Network Engineer & Trainer
    Gender: male
    Age: 23
    Nationality: Pakistani
    Marital Status: Single

    Technical qualification

    Diploma in computer science form Informatics Karachi. (1997)
    Microsoft certified Professional (WinNT & TCP/IP support).
    Cisco certified network associate (R/S)
    Cisco sales expert (SMB)
    Cisco certified internetworking expert (written exam) 350-001

    Working experience (2 years)

    1 year working as a System support engineer in Brain Net (a nationwide ISP). Brain Net is also the Local representative for Symantec, Netscape and Faxaway.

    1 year working in Cable Net as a senior network support engineer. Cable Net is the pioneer in Internet Via cable technology in the country (currently working) .

    Experience with software and hardware

    Operating systems : Windows 3.1/95/NT Novel , SCO/BSD Unix & Linux . Applications : MSExchange, Mdeamon, Sendmail , Wingate, Winproxy, Apache, CERN & IIS servers.
    Platforms: 8086, Alpha, MAC, Cisco 1600 & 2500 series routers, Catalyst & Bay switches.
    Hardware: All major types of cables connectors, Modem stacks, Multi port adapters & Switches.
    Major expertise in: Intranet configuration (NAT & VPN) on Ethernet networks and dialup networks.

    Email: [email protected]

    #2 this a request for larki or a job?

    Ironman...where are you when we need you?


      Chaloo beta!

      Do you want the larki to be Chaloo too?
      Single but 2 years experience? sounds nasty!!!


        keep trying Chaloo, your name Chaloo and your resume don't go along.
        Do you think any girl will fall for a CHALOO


          Chaalooooo Tum bohat shirarty ho
          you copied my resume and posted it here and then put your name on it Hummmm bohat chalooo kissam ki cheezze hai bhaiii...
          Khair koi bat nahi chaloo bhai in desperation every thing is jaiz yaar tu fikar nahi kar abh tumko achi larki milli hi samjho put a add like this on my dating center and see the larki pharak pharak jaieng like jal bin machliee.... By the way itni choti umar mein yeh sab kuch degree and courses ka kar leina iz kinda tuff to swallo so take it easy yaar Ok ?
          Now here iz the deal !!! You beat the dhol I do the rapp....

          repeat after me if you can
          IM iz D iron man
          run from me if you can
          I will catch you la8erzzzzzzzzzz
          see you aliga8erzzzzzzzzzz......
          (the IRON Rapp)

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            ghalib : shadi is a full time job
            najoomi, steel man & etc : all depends on ur meaning of the word chaloo.

            my SP ID is : 1963215 so any one who has a doubt on my credentials could verify em.


            take care u all .

            p.s i got job offers with sallaries probably even more then what ur abbaz r earning(no offense).

            [This message has been edited by Chaloo (edited April 02, 1999).]

            [This message has been edited by Chaloo (edited April 02, 1999).]


              chaloo bhai,
              joinning mr loha in his search 4 a wife.mecholan ki zerurat hai kia.ha!ha!tall,dark???u seem serious anyway happy finding.

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                Hey Chaloo,
                I've got just the gal for u but u see, she'll marry only someone who's worked on a RS 6000 mainframe system for atleast 2 years! By the way, u really worked on an 8086?? I thought an 8086 no longer qualifies as a platform?Isn't it presently used mostly in embedded systems?
                By the way, u really want a purdawali? After all that technobabble ??
                Simple ain't easy.


                  havnt worked on the RS600 tough , and the 8086 is the basic foundation for the whole intel pentium series .

                  hey sonya u married?



                    Dear chaloo,
                    if u think the pentium instruction set is anywhere as simple as 8086....u r sadly mistaken!!
                    Anyway, i've got another gal for u...she agrees to marry u if u agree that microsoft is a load of bull! (which is the truth anyway )
                    Simple ain't easy.


                      chaloo saab, read muzna's post about shadis in pakistan, maybe that would be a better way than this...and your resume was impressive but how are you as a person...thats just some advice and i am not a girl so don't even think about it


                        no i am not


                          queer: wana bet , why dont u try intel website ...tell me any software which u could run on the pentium and not the Cyrex 686 clone (intel is not so dum as to throw all the code writen for the 8086 or on the other hand u never know ...ever heard of IBCR ....and u r right Windoes NT is the biggest piece a **** microsoft ever made (now do i get the girl).

                          k2pk: Muzna pagal hai ....

                          Sonai : wana change ur marital status....tell me about ur self .. ;O)

                          take care u all
                          allah hafiz