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Australian Muslims speaks up for Hindus ----------continuation

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    Australian Muslims speaks up for Hindus ----------continuation

    dear admin
    first of all a few words for you guys . you know i never had any despiute with you but this does n't really make any sence that why you closed this thread . PLEASE for God sake do n't give us any lame excuse
    he was just informing you but had got nothing to do with religion still if you think that i t was not appropriate of general catagory then could you please cut and paste it in religion section
    no offense - happy ending

    I think you are innocent enough to think that this would work
    Any how good luck
    Take care


      mera aziz ham watano...bhai..baheeno, salam wa-lakum
      SHEZI..Just a suggestion...please cooperate with MODERATOR(Kashmirigirl),she is just requesting you all to put the topic in appropriate place(TOPIC).I think we all can help them to do a good job...please...thanks
      alla hafiz...khuda hafiz.I know this is not for this forum,but you can make yourself that GOOD.
      Khudi ko kar buland itna,
      ki har TAQDEER se pehley,
      Khuda khud bandey ko poochey,
      Bataa, "Teri raza kya hain?"


      [This message has been edited by dilse (edited March 31, 1999).]


        Thanks for your concern. No offense taken.

        Why do you feel that the topic could not have fit into Religion?

        Please understand that a topic can fit into religion forum....without being about islam, practice or emaan.

        Yes I could have clicked and pasted sarwar’s thread…he has that option to do so if he chooses.

        Thank you dilse for your understanding.

        [This message has been edited by kashmirigirl (edited March 31, 1999).]


          Your are most welcome....Kashmirigirl