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Happy Times for All

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    Happy Times for All

    My Dear Friends,

    I wish all my Muslim and Ahmadi friends a Happy Passover, and all my Hindu and Sikh friends Happy Easter and Happy Good Friday, in addition to Happy Passover.

    HAPPY all of you.

    Vaisakhi(or Baisakhi), usually celebrated on 13/14th of April every year is the most popular festival of Punjab. It has been celebrated as the harvest festival in the region since the beginning of this millenium. As the time went on, some other important historic events occured on the Vaisakhi day making it even more important festival. The birth of Khalsa 300 years ago and JaliaNwala Bagh masscre in 1919 are two most important events attached to this day.

    Happy Vaisakhi to all of you!

    tooRhi tand saamb, haRi waich vatt ke,
    lambraN te shahaN da hisaab katt ke,
    chaadar te jhagga navaN swaiye ke,
    summaN wali daang utte tael laye ke,
    marda damamey jatt mailey aa giya.........