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Australian Muslims speaks up for Hindus

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    Australian Muslims speaks up for Hindus

    Melbourne Office
    PO Box 14094 MCMC
    Melbourne Vic. Australia 8001
    Tele/Fax (+613) 9329 1228
    Eid Al Adha27 March 1999

    Letter to Australian media

    The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, on behalf of our Muslim
    community of over 300,000 Australians would like to express its abhorrence
    at the anti-religious atrocity recently perpetrated against a place of
    worship in Melbourne. On Thursday evening, March 11, at 11:00 pm, three
    petrol bombs were thrown into the Melbourne Vinayagar Hindu Sangam Temple.

    We understand from the Hindu community that this attack was interpreted by
    the police as an attempted murder, as the priests's house was alsoattacked.
    The silence of the media has been most noticeable. The press release issued
    by the Hindu community reads
    "Local television stations carried extensive footage of the fire,
    however of the two local news papers, the Age carried nothing and
    the Herald-Sun carried only a short piece with no photographs. No
    wire service stories have been seen on the arson incident, nor any
    national coverage in Australia."

    We cannot blame Melbourne Hindus for what some lunatic groups of Hindushave
    done in India. We should all know that prominent Hindus, Christians and
    Muslims took part in demonstrations in India against the wicked murder of
    the Australian missionary and his children by a group of fanatics.
    The media has a role in informing our local community that such actions are
    not an expression of Hinduism. Religious tolerance is of vital importancein
    our culturally diverse community.
    There can however be no tolerance for church or temple burnings if we areto
    continue to enjoy freedom of religion in Australia. We must all learn to
    live with those whose religious ideas might differ from our own.

    The Australian Muslim community calls upon all people who value freedom of
    religion, which is supposed to be one of the Four Freedoms upon which our
    United Nations Organisation is constructed, to make it know to the
    Government of Victoria that such actions are not acceptable to any of usand
    that strong action should be taken against those who perpetrate such
    Nazi-type outrages.

    Yours sincerely,
    Bilal Cleland
    Secretary AFIC

    Thank you Sarwar for informing us about the issue in Australia. However it is more appropriate for Religious forum.