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    Casting Call

    Hi All

    I might be in the wrong forum, but I'll state my query anyway. I'm a filmmaker, an starving one, but one none-the-less. I am working on a small script that I would like to film come May.

    I'm a Pakistani (by birth) and obviously my script is based on Pakistani and Hindustani community. I would like to know of a good way of finding Pakistanis who would want to act in this film that I'm going to make .

    I figured I would send out flyers in the Jackson Heights (I live in NY) area; but somehow I have feeling that I won't have as good a response from the Pakistanis as I would with Hindustanis.

    Allah Hafiz,
    Ibne Firasat

    I can recommend some areas where there are large Indo Pakistani communities are based:

    Fresno, CA
    San Fransisco, CA
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    Surrey, BC, Canada

    Especially in Toronto, they have made a few hindustani (Urdu/Hindi) movies already. Should you wish, I can supply you with few names of the local magazines where you can put your ad for actors.

    Good Luck.


      What about trying the local colleges and community organizations?

      Check out the PSA and pakistani cultural org.


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          Dear Ibne Firasat

          I live in New York City also. I have always wanted to be an Actor. I think I am very talented (no joke). I look like a mixture between Omar Sharif and Susan Shrandon. I am 5' 9", medium built, 20/20 vision with glasses. I don't consider myself a Shakespearean actor, but I do have an appreciation for theater and film. If you like to hire me for your movie, let me know where to contact you.

          Yours actorly,



            Oh no nono Guess what you got the right forum and this is the person you should cast in your film only if you want it to be a super super hit if not you can find anybody else . If you are serious as I am guessing then e-mail me



              First and foremost, I would like to thank all who replied to my little query. Thank you, thank you, thank you

              Secondly, I will finish the script by May(inshallah) and then I would start drawing up budget for equipment and people. I appreciate that DilSe, NYAhmadi and SSultan have showed interest in the project. So I will be contacting you as soon as I have the script, you can count on it. However, I would like to point out that this is not a HOLLYWOOD production, infact, it's nowhere near it. Most of the money that I have saved (it took me a while) will be budgetted for equipment, location and food for the people involved in the film. So most probably I won't be able to pay you guys. But if you are still game then let me know. I will be looking forward to working with you guys.

              If you are willing, please do drop me your email address or some way that I may be able to get in contact with you. I don't come to Gup-Shup forum everyday so you might want to email me your comments and/or thoughts at [email protected]

              Once again I want to thank you for your show of interest in this venture.

              Allah Hafiz,
              Ibne Firasat

              PS: Please, if you don't mind, send me brief description of yourself; if it is at all possible.

              Thank you.

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