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Commonly used Punjabi phrases/Dialogues

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    Commonly used Punjabi phrases/Dialogues

    After enjoying lot of beautifully written Urdu and Punjabi posts on this forum, it occured to me that their are lot of Punjabi dialogues/phrasses used in our day to day lives. Some of them just keep on repeating and every Punjabi home is used to them. Some of them are funny, some of them are sweet, some of them say more than they should,some of them were spoken to us by our beloved ones, some by enemies....

    Like my favourite is

    1."roti thandi ho chali aa, aa ke kha laO"

    (used to be my moms favourite threat, now my bivi's )

    here are some more:

    2. kade hass vi lia karo!!
    3. tere dhid ch peeRh hundi aa, mein jo marzi karaaN
    4. durr phittey munh
    5. mein kia chah shah banao, thand jae lagdi aa

    What are your favourite/memorable punjabi phrases/dialogues? Please add some...let us have some fun...

    CM - "internet te e baitha rehndaN, kade koi kum vi kar lia kar"

    [This message has been edited by ChannMahi (edited March 05, 1999).]

    Yours are very true, My mom used to say this to threaten me

    Ik thapera mar key tey moonh torr dan ge.
    (I will break your face by one slap)


    Although she never did this thing.

    I wonder why?



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      nice one CM,
      I know a phrase from some of my college friends...

      fita moun thera. ---I don't know the exact translation but we used it sort of like "oh you're crazy".


        nice taapic chan

        mei kya nava nava aya ai soniya
        koi nava chan tay nai chuRan lugya
        achha chalo mitti pao
        koi hor gul karo



          How about:

          kali kuttay na guN
          (black dog's ****----->BS!!)

          Kotay na kurr
          (donkey's hoof----->another BS!!)

          Tuyin ka danda!
          (hard to translate-----> what up your a*s?, what buggin you?)

          Kotay na puthar
          (donkey's son-------> kind like jack*ss, son of a b*tch)

          that is all for now...any comments/corrections to my translations welcome.


            How about:

            Khey Kha

            (eat ****)



            MIRZA YASIR

            [email protected]



              Teera tid hai kay khoee
              ( you eat a lot)


                mera Sir( head, brain) na khaa
                ( Dont bother me)


                  Hmmmmmmmm nice topic....chanmahi...tenoon tay koi medal shedal milna chaida...

                  ok here r my most favorites

                  "Mohn na mutha jinn paharoon latha"
                  "chal chal mughrooN le"
                  "chal phuth"
                  "hassda tay pee(d)r ji hooNdi ay"
                  "sohnay Rab da shukkar ay" (my most fav)
                  "Rab Rakha"
                  "fittay mohn tay lakh lanut"
                  "mohn chooi dhid khoi"....

                  ok hun mein chullaaN
                  Rab Rakha loko



                    Chup oye! - (shut up)

                    Rain day - (leave it alone)

                    I guess what everybody is afraid to admit and including me, embarrased to say, is the most common punjabi word 'B....c...'. I dare not to expand it. Unfortunately, this has become so popular that people spit it without even realizing the conesequences or even considering the mechanizims of the word. Old or young, rich or poor, cultured or not, villager or metro-dweler, all use it.

                    Sometimes i just have hard time to explain that Punjabi is a sweet language too. It has its roots even deeper than Urdu and like many languages of the world, its a bit harsh on the listners ears, but still remains a deep language. I guess a few words like i explained above, make my sale difficult.

                    Sorry guys, ddint want to put in a serious talk. Its an interesting topic. Leme see if I can come up with my household totkay:

                    Oye Khootya! (instead of khotay da putar!)
                    Teri taan ...
                    hun daas! (what u say now?)
                    dekhya na! (see!!)
                    taino taan main kaya see! ( i told u!)
                    Kar lay jo karna aye! (Do whatever you like)
                    kee takleef ayee? (whats bothering u?)
                    sar na kha mera (dont bother me)

                    and finally for the originator of this topic --

                    Sanu nehr waly pul tay bula kay, tay chun mahi, kithay reh gaaya


                      Mr. Azkar

                      Your Bc word is not good. I don't know why people use it. Even though they know the meaning

                      MIRZA YASIR

                      [email protected]



                        I am really glad the way this thread is going. Thanks to all of you for bringing your input to the forum.

                        Azkar Chaudhary: The biggest misconception that people have about Punjabi is that it is 'good only for cursing' which is not true. I agree that the "b...c..." phrase has become very common in our day to day conversations, but that is nothing to be surprised about. I hear people cursing similar phrases in all other languages including Angrezi.

                        I like the phrases you added to the list particulrly reminding me of my favourite song "saanu neher wale pul te....."

                        AK: All I have to say is that I have not heard most of these phrases you reffered in your post before, atleast not in that form. Also the use of "ka" and "na" in your phrases makes me suspicious if even you are very familiar with them.

                        Mirzayasir: LOL I think even my mom and sisters have used that on me too many times....only a threat...

                        Nailarki ( NaviKurri): very good ones . tusi saadi post parh lai, saade lai aihiO sonei da medal aa jee....

                        Zainab: In response to your "mei kya nava nava aya ai soniya"
                        (I) mere veer nu pata lag giya taaN terian tangaN bhann daoga...
                        (II) kithey ji, saanu te kai varhey ho gaye ne Lahore chhadyaN..

                        Thanks guys....

                        koi horr navi taazi.....

                        CM - baRha dheeth ai ih munda...


                          Dear CM,

                          You say that it is not true that "Punjabi is good only for cursing."

                          Do you mean to say that it is not even good for that purpose, good for nothing.


                            Dear mirzayasir,

                            I am a proud Pakistani and then a Punjabi. I love my language and culture. Having said that let me correct you:
                            Your Bc word is not good
                            The referred word is not 'mine'. Did you mean the Punjabi word? But that I have already pointed out.

                            And also, as some one has pointed out, cursing is no good in any language.

                            ChannMahi.. Nair tay aj kul band paye aye. safai wastay. hun kithay bulain ga? Chal phay liberty ya stadium he chulyay.

                            common expressions in our villages:

                            oye.. dangraan no phtay paye keh nain?
                            murghi na aanda dita keh nain?
                            Chacha kinay paisay howe?
                            Yaar zara doo seer shakur taan dain..
                            Aba.. aj pani de vari aye..

                            I think I am going too deep ...


                              Here goes my list....

                              "Oye baar aa oye" (urdu: janab bahir tashreef lai-ay)

                              "O teri tay..." (english: u little...)

                              "Oye kaka gul sun laya kuro..." (urdu: beta baat sun lain, shukria)

                              "O chul oye chul...." (urdu: aap ja suktay hain or yeah right!)

                              "ParaN mur..." (english: go to hell)

                              "Nawan ayaN aay sonya" (urdu: aap ko baat ki samajh nhin aai...)

                              "O kalay moon alaaya..." (english: I hate u)
                              ha! ha!