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how can life be...???

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    how can life be...???


    Tis' a very basic question but an important one.
    Most of us ask ourselves this question. Sometimes other people tell us
    "Not to Worry",
    "Don't Worry, be Happy"

    We would all agree that Worry is often an unreasonable agitation of our minds.
    Is it a symptom of weakness??

    I have had several suggestions in terms of getting rid of worries from life, but
    I can't in the world figure out how it'd be possible to achieve that.

    Examples are :
    Forget Past Sufferings ;
    Laugh and smile & indulge yourself in things that you enjoy ;
    Relax ;
    Remember happy events from the past
    and more...

    Isn't it human-nature to worry?
    How can we forget past sufferings?
    If we can't forget THEM, how can we remember good stuff from the past???


    [This message has been edited by Umar Talib (edited March 25, 1999).]
    For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran

    Umar Talib Bhai:
    Koool topic.

    Yes there are so many ways to get over the worries. What I do is that I see the reason of the worry and try to remove the reason. But some times we can not solve the situation or the solution is not in our hands then there is a great lesson in Islam that how to deal when you are worry. If I go back into the history, I see the first lesson Prophat Muhammad (PBUH) showed us was how to over come a worry. Remeber when Prophat Muhammad (PBUH) came home after first meeting with Gibrael (AS) and Prophat Muhammad (PBUH) was worrying so much about the situation. HE (SAW) asked his lovely wife to give HIM (SWA) a blanket so that he could lie down.
    If I go deep into the phelosophy of this taking blanket and get into the bed for a while gives me a great lesson.
    When ever I get worried and the solution of the worry is not in my hands, All I do is take a blanket and lie down into a bed and I tell you the truth, after some time passes, my worries get down too. That also gives me a chance to think the solution with kool mind.
    That is way I deal with the worries which I can not solve by myself right away.

    What ever the worries come, Folks, always ask Allah to help you to the right directions. Believe me, that helps a lot.

    There are different types of worries which could be resolved differently.

    Worries being Loanly? make friends, if you can not make friends, get online and go into the chat rooms, if it still does not help then keep your self writng, reading, collecting the useless stuff. If it still does not work, write me an email (LOL)

    Worries created by family members? Shut YOUR mouth first (that is very necessary), avoid the trouble maker, talk as less as you could, keep your face straight, try to show no care about the surroundings, be freindly with every member of the family, try to absorb the things coming from different members of the family. Absorbing stuff helps a lot to keep the happyness in the family.

    Worries created by friends? Dump the friends, I do not belive in friendship which keeps you in the worries. This world is very beautiful, find some other freinds.

    Legal worries? Get a good lawyer and again keep your MOUTH SHUT, this is very very very necessary in leagal worries. As much as you keep your mouth shut, as less as worries you get into.

    Worries at Job? Learn what you doing. If you are comfortable in your profession then no one can put you in worries.

    Now I gotta go back to my work, otherwise I would be worrying too (LOL)
    Bakee worries later



      i cant worry about this right now
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        Mr. Fraudia