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GupShup/CHowk Get Together - Chicago Meet

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    GupShup/CHowk Get Together - Chicago Meet

    Hello Folks...

    We have 26 ppl lined up for the April meet in chicago ( 9/10/11th) -1999.

    Admin - please close earlier threads on this topic.

    Updates every Friday

    Email [email protected]
    We also have a Web page

    The Web page is animation & audio intensive so BEWARE. The author ( Patti) went
    overboard with animation - but I can tone it down if reqd. Thank you Naazish for your invaluable technical assitance.

    preliminary Itinerary:

    Fri 4/9 Evening - Get Together
    - Dinner
    - Activity/ies

    Sat 4/10 - Breakfast/Activity
    - Lunch /picnic
    - Activity
    - Dinner
    - Get Together / Activity

    Sun 4/11 - Activity
    - Lunch
    - Farewell Get Together
    - Good Byes.

    Here is a prelimnary list of ppl showing up ?? indicates - maybes.....
    No drop outs
    mady, madymad, sarah_mj, & papya, farhan1 came on board
    hmcq ????
    saL1 ????
    Jack Handy
    Felicity ???
    Popa ???
    Askar Chaudhry
    Naazish + 1
    saadia+ 1
    uicdoc + 1 ???

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    [This message has been edited by Jack Handy (edited March 12, 1999).]


    Cool site...very well done. I had a good time with those animations especially the pink panther



      How come Felicity has ???????
      Has Azkar confirmed?
      And if I am coming...please add a +1 next to my name....(I figure I need a bodyguard now....)


        Web Site has all the details .....
        inlcuding costs - restaurants etc ........also the menu

        Re: ak

        Airfares from Washington Dulles/Reagan airports
        to O'Hare/ midway - Chicago - This was the cheapest I could find.

        Washington DC - Dulles - US$138 - Air Tran Airways, United, US airways

        Re: Muzna

        NO drop outs yet. Naazish is a maybe....
        We are 27+ ppl _ i anticipoate some to drop out.
        kinkibird came oo board this week.


        Hotel/Motel stuff - I am working onn it, uicdoc is trying to arrange
        a hall at a college campus - if that can be arranged - then I'll get
        motel/hotel info within a 2 mile radius. If not then I will locate
        hotel/motels near O'Hare Airport.

        Motels are running aroundd $40/night - Motel 6
        2 star Inns - Best Western Quintas, Days Inn are around $70-80 /
        3 star/4 star Hotels - Hilton- Doubletree/ sheraton/Holiday Inn are
        around $110/night.,,,

        Re: uicdoc

        The dinner at Reza's - I'll make the reservations -it still a bit early.
        The cost is abt US$15/person - The Website has all the details including
        costs - there is even a link to the restaurant Web Site which has a menu &
        telephone numbers and stuff.

        Saturday mornng activities are the Pier .. details on the Web site as
        well. I will finalize Sunday morning activities this week - shak had
        some ideas.

        Activities can change depending on ppl's preferences. ....


          Updates - Web Page has hotel links etc ..........

          We are now 30 ppl .......

          gomer-pyple ??? joined up...... No drop outs yet .....
          Many confirmations - now I am gonna try to set up a confirmation list...

          Re: hmcq - New York Air rates .....

          NewYork(JFK) - MIDWAY/OHARE ( CHI) US$198 - PRO Air - AirTran


          Hotel Accomodations
          TIPS *****

          * Additional AAA disounts % & other Travel discounts maty appy
          * People can share Double occupancy rooms
          * Lets all decide to stay at a single hotel - Group discounts of 10% may apply.
          * Additional Student discounts may also apply.
          * There might be some special offers as well

          *** ---> Hotel/Motel Rating
          DC- Double Occupancy rates.

          *** BLACKSTONE HOTEL US$130.00 636 S. Michigan Ave. Downtown
          (312)427-430 DC
          ** QUALITY INN US$79.00 Madison At Halstead, Downtown
          (312)829-5000 DC
          *** MIDLAND HOTEL US$99.95 172 W. Adams St. Financial District
          (312)332-1200 DC
          ** DAYS INN US$86.00 3801 N. Mannheim Rd., Ohare Airport
          644 N. Lake Shore Dr Downtown
          816 N. Clark St. Sowntown
          646 W Diversey Parkway Downtown
          * VALUE LODGE US$60.00 8303 W NORTH AVE Downtown - 10 miles

          ** RED ROOF INNS ( 25 miles from city )
          US$45.00-55.00 2500 HASSELL ROAD HOFFMAN ESTATES IL

          ***HELP REQUESTED *******

          Come now ppl - some help would be appreciated we need only 2 ppl to say yes to
          cars and a local person for a boombox please............

          1. we need a hall in a local school campus uicdoc needs help of some
          local chicago area student to put him in touch witha PSA or MSA since
          activities rooms can only be reserved under student organization names.
          2. we need atleast 2 more locals to volunteer their cars to drive us around
          - or if not drive us around then be there for emergency situations.
          We already have 6 confirmed cars ---> we need atleast 2 more
          There are 30 ppl signed up.

          3. BOOMBOX----- Any volunteers



            Hi Jack.....

            Here is the thread that you were looking for.
            Please let us know if you would like us to close it now.....


              hi guyz ,it seem like u guyz are gonna have have a good time .i'm green with envy.sad that i'm in the other extreme of the world.anyway,have fun..


                Attn: ADmin

                yes please do close this thread. THbak sfor ur quick response.