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Perfect MAN, Do you agree?

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    Perfect MAN, Do you agree?

    The perfect man is gentle
    Never cruel or mean
    He has a beautiful smile
    And keeps his face so clean.
    The perfect man likes children
    And will raise them by your side
    He will be a good father
    As well as a good husband to his bride.
    The perfect man loves cooking
    Cleaning and vacuuming too
    He'll do anything in his power
    To convey his feelings of love on to you.
    The perfect man is sweet
    Writing poetry from your name
    He's a best friend to your mother
    And kisses away your pain.
    He never has made you cry
    Or hurt you in any way

    How many girls would like a husband like this man and how many guys would like to be a man like this.......
    Lets see

    Hmmmm...I'll marry someone like this... LOL


      saqib ji..... u r forgetting some much money he makes

      Dekhiye na pehlay pooch lena accha hota hei


        Dear msaqibj,

        I know you were angry at me yesterday, but you didn't need to write a poem about me. But I appreciate it anyway. Thanks.


          is there anyone like this .i will consider wanting to marry him but seriously,no one's perfect -i will never want to marry a prefect man becoz i am not perfect so i'll never be good enugh for him.and so the key to happiness is to compromise and loads of understanding -both ppl in the relationship does not have to be perfect.,and one more thing how much man makes will not gurantee any woman happiness-the only thing tat will is love and respect,trust me.....


            Who's the author?


              Oh............Who's talking about me?????????


                there is no such thing as perfection *sigh*

                (well of course i am an exception)


                  Ghalib Jee: don't worry we all brothers will try our best to find a one like that for you, they say that "Allah kay ghar main dhair hay, Andhair nahieen, So I am sure, one day, we will find a "bur" just like that for our Ghalib JEE,
                  You know when ever I see your name, I rember a shair of the great poet Ghalib
                  Ijazat ho to Sanaoon?
                  Okay I will tell you, who wait for the ijazat!

                  "Mairay shakasta makaaan keee dewaaar keyaa giree
                  Logoon nayn sahan say rasta bana liya"

                  Please correct the shair if any one knows the correct wordings.

                  NaikLarki Jee:
                  Do you actually think a man like that would be making ANY money, I doubted.

                  Sonya jee:
                  you are right, no one is perfect like that, but what if there IS one?

                  I agree with your rest of the stuff too because at your age (which I imagine, from your writings, is either early or before 20s, please forgive me if I am wrong) girls usually would not like to get a man like that, because at this age girls think about a hunk, handsome, good looking with some bad habits so that they could be corrected for the reference in the rest of the life. Once 25 passes, they start thinking about some one nice, look is not that importance any more, should have a good job (doctor, engineer or army officer would be okay). When 30 passes, then who ever comes first.

                  Am I wrong?
                  I could be.
                  I am just kidding, I am in a good mood.

                  Uth_Oye and hayaa:
                  You two are perfect

                  Are you two happy now?


                    msaqibj bhai:

                    Yaar..tumhe to kuch nahi ho ga..lekin tumhari bhabhi mujhe nahi chorrey gi...kuch to lihaaz kia karoo yaara..


                      Ghalib Bhai:
                      Gigra Karoo Yaar, Bhabi say pooch loo.
                      She may not have any objection, there is nothing wrong in asking though.


                        She will have objection.....your bhabhi is possesive!!!


                          The perfect man...... ( contd ) LOL

                          He's a stud muffin when I am plain jane..
                          He'loves for me for my intelligence - and he's sane ..

                          He'll fulfill my every whim & desire .....
                          He'll understand my ire ....
                          He'll put me above all else..
                          I come first, then my mother .....
                          He breaks all ties with his past .....
                          family pressure - he stands steadfast...
                          Aging parents he leaves in the lurch ...
                          coz I am the center of his universe....
                          He puts my desires above his needs,
                          He has no self-respect that not what he requires,
                          He should make tons of money - so I can
                          climb the gravy train ....

                          He'll buy me the house in suburbia, close to where my parents live ...

                          And if he is out of stater - he can always visit me once in a while.....

                          Coz I am a modern liberated type ....
                          you see I have my own life.....
                          I have my career which is important .....
                          kids - that what live ins are for....

                          He'll always call me sugar & honey
                          Always give me all his money....
                          Always agree with evry thing I say.....
                          Never will his eyes wander, for I am his snow white...

                          Values, principles they dont matter..
                          LIfe is too much fun for God to get in the way...

                          I wonder where all the cowboys have gone..
                          and I have so much to offer ....
                          My I was so popular on the net ......
                          everyone liked my wit & humor ....
                          and my flirtious attitude,...

                          oh why oh why dont the offers come by....
                          I have so much - so much to offer......
                          ANd then they go to Pakistan - leaving style & sophistication behind .....
                          I have class.... cant they see .....
                          Oh my!!! maybe a gora is in my destiny


                            And perfect man doesn't exist.


                              PERFECT MAN does not exist,ok, then, does the perfect woman exist?
                              any one wanna tell me about her whereabouts?