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    Aslkm My dearest PeeYariYon and Hum Wathnon

    Here's something an alayma friend passed by. Thought to pass it on...
    "All praise is due to Allah who made us from the Ummate-Muslimah and may our
    lives be sacrificed for our Prophet (SAW), who has brought to us this
    beautiful and pristine deen of islam. Oh! wives and mothers of the
    Muslimeen! Look how Allah has favoured you! He has rewarded you for every
    moment of your life. Truly Allah is giving reward upon reward for things
    that you do all the time. Now let us have a look at what Allah's mercy is
    all about.

    Firstly when a baby girl is born, two angels come and pass their wings over
    the baby and make Duua saying, " Oh Allah! have mercy on those who have
    mercy on this child." Nabi (saw) mentions in a hadith "That a person who
    brings up three daughters according to Islamic teachings, Jannat will be
    Wajjib on such a person."

    Once this daughter reaches marriageable age and her father marries her to a
    person who is pious and of good character, then when, husband and wife look
    at each other with a look of love, Allah looks at them with love aand
    mercy. If this wife is obedient to her husband and she makes him happy,
    then the fish in the sea, the birds in the air and the angels in the heaven
    make Duua for her forgiveness, and if all her sins are forgiven, then her
    status is elevated in the Aakhirat. When the wife begins to bear children
    her rewards are increeased manifold. It is said that two rakaats of salaah
    of a pregnant woman is eighty times superior to the two rakaats of a non
    pregnant woman. Nabi (saw) said: "O muslim women! does it not please you
    that during your pregnancy for every day that passes, you get the reward of
    fasting while out in the path of Allah. For every night that passes, you
    get the reward of spending the who;e night in Ibaadat. Then when you the
    pains of labour start, and you bear them patiently, no one on this earth or
    in the heavens, knows of the comfort Allah has prepared fpr you. When the
    child is born you get the reward of one accepted Hadjj and the reward of
    performing seventy years of Nafil salaat and keeping Nafil fasts.

    When you breatfeed the child, for every gulp of milk, you will be rewarded
    and for every night you stay awake to see to your baby, the get the reward
    of freeing seventy slaves in the path of Allah and one year of nafil
    ibaadat. When you complete breastfeeding your child, the angels come and
    pat you on your back and say, " congratulations, all your minor sins are
    forgiven, now go and start again."

    It is said that Allah puts barakat in the food upon which "bismillah" has
    been recited by the woman who cooks it. The woman who sweeps her home
    whilst making zikr, gets the reward of sweeping the Baitullah (house of
    Allah in Makkah).

    A woman who loses children in infancy, and she accepts her loss with
    patience and hopes for reward, then she will be granted Jannat. Even the
    miscarried foetus will drag it's mother to Jannat, provided she exercised
    patience over her loss. If a woman dies in a state of virginity, or she
    dies during chilbirth, then she dies as a martyr.

    All Jannaties ( inmates of Jannat) will go to visit Allah, but Allah will
    visit the woman who is modest. Allah has kept secret the reward for those
    women who observe hijaab (full covering of face included).
    So my dear respected Muslim sisters, open your eyes to the rewards that
    Allah is giving to you for your normal duties which we take for granted
    today. Remember, every day in Islam is Mother's day and Women's day because
    Allah appreeciates your service towards His creatons.

    May Allah give our mothers and sisters the Taufeeq of doing these actions
    for His pleasure so that they can attain these beautiful and generous



    Daysee Behan

    Very nice!!




        Assallaamu 'alaikum,

        Jazaak'Allaah khair sister. That was an excellent article. Not only was it a reminder for the sisters as to the rewards and kindness Islaam brings to the Muslimah, but also a firm reminder to those brothers whose personal views have led them away from the respect of the female.



          It is just a few things why a women must be respected.
          Behana thank you for sharing such a beautiful article.

          [This message has been edited by SSultan (edited March 19, 1999).]


            This article should be read by every so- called 'women's rights activists' who think that the only right women should have in the world is to decide whether they cover their bodies or not! There is much more in womanhood than that.

            Thank you for sharing this article; I feel sorry for those who are not a part of the noor of our religion.



              Asalamo Alaikum wa rah Matullah Ya'll!

              hmm... this if funny, lots of bro's replied instead
              The pleasure was all mine ppl, I thot sharing this wud be worthwhile. Alhamdulilah We are so lucky that we are born in Momeneen's houses. I can never thank Allah enuf for that. SubhanAllah!

              Hamid ji, perhaps u can share this with others. Give it a shot if desired

              Till then,
              Fee Aman Ullah!
              Daysee Behna


                Daysee Behna

                First this was beautiful….
                I’m making copies to give to friends. J

                2nd to be fair….this is more appropriate for Religion…….will close it…if you want more responses please place it religion.

                Thanks and JAK