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Larkiyaan aakhir apnee age kiyun chupaatee hein???

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    Larkiyaan aakhir apnee age kiyun chupaatee hein???

    Salaamz fellows;
    Just wondering...why aakhir ko kiyun??
    "Kiyun Larkiayaan hum se yeh RAAZ chupaatee hein
    Umar ho chabbees(26) kee solan(16) bataatee hein"?????????????

    OK..have a nice time
    It is my belief that our salvation lies in following the golden rules of conduct set for us by our great law-giver, the Prophet of Islam. (Quaid-e-Azam Speech at Shahi Darbar, Sibi, February 14, 1948)

    hhehehhe....i second that question!


      Kiyoan kah,

      app jesay Mard...50 saal kay ho ker bhee 16 saal ki larki kay talub gar hotay hain...

      Janab iss liay.....



        Es liay janab ke....

        "LarkiyooN Ki Marzi.....huh

        Wesay yea murd hazraat apni income kiyoon chuppatay hein


          The main reason girls don't tell their right age is because they don't want to Offend/Embarrass men. Girls do mature earlier than boys. A 16 year old girl's intelligence is about the same as a 28 year old guy (a fairly conservative guess). So when a 28 year old woman talks to a 28 year old guy, it is like a grown up talking to a toddler. That's why!! Took me over 30 years to figure that out, but I did!


            Ahmadi Bhai:

            Hehehheeh...where did you get this factor of 16 yr. girl to a 28 yr. old man??

            Its true that girls are more mature then men. Now how do we make them act like that?! Thats where the real problem lies.


            Hum to apki age phooch laitey hain, ap hamari income pooch key to dhaikhey. Maslah to sara key sara lift karaney ka hain.

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              WaAalaikum Salam, Jeethay raho!

              Uff yay Larkay!!! Khud apni "TankhaAin" (salary) kiyo chupatay phirthain hain??? Kiyon! Kiyon! Akir kisSs leeyay???
              Dying to know out of curiousity,

              Allah kay Hawalay,
              Daysee Behna


                I remember there was a very hot discussion happening in the other section and i asked someone the same question...tell me how much u earn monthly?

                well, buss itna bata daiti hoon keh kaafi mushkilon say jaan bachaee mainay.. heeeheee


                  IN a age-conscious society where a matrimonial prospects of a gal depend on her age - creative & critical thought processes some into play. COnsequently a tolerance of abt 10% is common in desi society when a girl or her parents mention her age. In retrospect ABCD amreeka is fairly forthright in this regard.

                  As for boys they tend to inflate wages rather than hide them. That combined with the amreeki tradition of going on & on & on abt their children's accomplishments - makes the guy look like a Young Einstein with the personality of Bradd Pitt. ( even though in reality the poor fellow is languishing in mediocrity )


                    Yours truly is so very proud of his mediocrity!!!