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Has the pakistani's of America nothing to do ?

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    Has the pakistani's of America nothing to do ?

    hi everyone ,
    I would like to ask why is it here always
    full by the Americans ?
    Have you got nothing to do beside the Bulletin board and internet?

    Euro: You seem right. I can speak for myslef, I spend about 12-16 hours on the computer (part of my job is to keep the computrs running in the network environment) each day. that is my Job (which pays me fortunes), that is why you see me a lot on the net. I don't know about the others.
    thaks for your concerns
    Take care

    Promoting Islam and Pakistan positively won't insult your intelligence. Unless you are an IDIOT.



      I don't wish to stray off topic but I find some of your words here very arrogant...and judging from your comments in other threads where you are constantly reminding everyone to follow the Holy Quran...I would also say that they are hypocritical.

      From my limited knowledge of the Quran and hadiths, it has always been appreciated, by Allah and by our Prophet (pbuh), to lead a humble life.

      "that is my Job (which pays me fortunes)" - msaqibj

      How humble are you? And exactly what are you trying to tell everyone by your comment shown above? And after making such statements do you really expect people to take you seriously and respect you?


        Muzna dear, I am in a good mood now. It seems that you misunderstood me again.
        I swear to My Allah that i did not mean any thing but to tell Euro that I spend 12-16 hours on the computer each day because of my job requirements. It pays me fortune meant that it is a well paying job too.
        Now I have sworn to MY ALLAH that I did not mean any thing else other than what I wrote above.
        If you still want to take it personally that would be your own approach.
        Take care

        Promoting Islam and Pakistan positively won't insult your intelligence. Unless you are an IDIOT.

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          Nothing taken personally...I just wanted to show you how the choice of your words and the placement can make such a huge impact on the message that you are traying to relay.

          Take care.


            Hi muzna ,
            I just want to say that, aren't any other activities in america to do ?
            Like play soccer or go to the fitness center or play cricket.
            Most pakistani's of america are on the internet chatting , bulletin board making homepages etc..
            The most pakistani homepages are made by the pakistani's of america .
            Why is it like that !, and why the americans ?
            Maybe I know why it is like that.
            Look ,if we compare America with Europe , are there
            more muslim foreigners in Europe.
            You can say, that EU is full by turkey's marroccains and pakistani's.
            The best sports champions of Europe in boxing , Kickboxing are muslims.
            The best kickboxing champion of 1998 in EU was Mr.Masheuoub , an arabian
            And ofcourse Naseem Hamed from Yemen the best boxer of England , and tariq khan
            a pakistani from belgium is right now the best in Tea-Kwon-Do in Brussels.

            And in America are it always the black ones who are the best in sport and not
            the muslims.

            That's way the the pakistani's in america can't be like here in Europe.
            Because there aren't many foreign muslims in compair with Europe.

            The only thing what the Americans can do is hanging around the internet !


              Euro...u know what really tickz me off is that everyone assumes..itz just AMERICANZ on here...well u know there are CANADAINZ!!....and yes we do have livez here....not all of us lie around and just sit on the net....

              I still believe, in spite of everything, people are good at heart." -Anne Frank
              22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                Internet is more widely used by people in America than probably any other country of the world. So obviously more Pakistanis from America can be seen on the internet although it is not a lot. If you notice carefully, there are not more than 30 people posting on this site on a daily basis. Others are part timers.

                Also, very few people who actually live in Pakistan are participating in this website. By your logic they must be quite busy. Right?? huhh!!

                Basically have to do with Internet access. We have the fastest, cheapest and easiest access to it.



                  Please continue your discussion in Religion.

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                    Hello Euro,

                    I have little to add to what CM has already posted in this thread.

                    But I do want to express my surprise at your ignorance regarding the activities available to people living in America. And to point out that your sweeping generalization regarding "most pakistanis" is laughable.

                    Finally...your comparison of "Blacks" to "Muslims" is like apples to oranges. It doesn't make sense.