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Any book recommendations?

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    Any book recommendations?

    Anybody have read any recommendable book lately?

    Try Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Edward Bach. Quick read but very inspiring....

    Excellent book!


      Life Strategies by Phillip C. McGraw.
      Very uplifting!!


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        After reading all these books, if you get some time, Please Please read some Quraan and some Hadiths on your own. That might be more inspiring and full of truths.

        Promoting Islam and Pakistan positively won't insult your intelligence.

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          wow you know that book..wowzers. There is another book, I am not sure of teh title but it may be "prophet" or something..

          While you are at it, try getting teh hitchhikers guide to the universe. by douglas adams.
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            Jonathan livingston seagull is inspiring, i just read illusions by Bach which was good also.

            Mr. Faudia

            are you talking about the prophet by khalil girbran?

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              Thanks guys - I heard about the Seagull book some place else as well. I will check it out. I was more inclined towards some fictional work, just to get back into that old reading habbit. As a modern TV watcher, it is always hard even for a restart to sit back and read instead of staring at TV screen with all those mindless sitcoms. Life after school does make hell of lazybone out of yourself, deos'nt it? I was, however, manage to check out from library Stephen King's Bag of Bones over the weekend. Let's see how that goes. Thanks again.


                PlayBoy December Issue. Cindi Crawford. Great articles. And yes there are some pictures you might find interesting.



                  o.k., here i go again...

                  A Fine Balance (by Rohinton Mistry)
                  Such a Long Journey (by Rohinton Mistry)
                  Midnights Children (by Salman Rushdie)
                  Tamarind Mem by (Anita Rau Badami)

                  Yes, all of these are "desi" authors...i guess i'm just attracted to these ppl's thoughts on the problems of everyday life dealt with in the Eastern Society.

                  a_monad, r u into courtroom stuff?? if u are, i would suggest anything by John Grisham...he's good (a lawyer himself btw).

                  For fiction, Michael Chriton (try The Rising Sun) is good as well.



                    Thanks for the recommendations, DeSiMuNdA

                    Is the Rising Sun same as the movie? I watched the movie and it was kind of good. And yes, The Practice on TV got me hooked on courtroom stuff. I will try him as well.


                    Crawford is not really my type, but if you can tell me where I can find the issue on Venessa Williams on this earth, that would be the biggest favor you can do to a human being (I know at least four other "beings" who would agree with that!)


                      Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge and Truth by Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

                      If anyone likes to get this book, I will try to give you the addresses where you can get it.

                      MIRZA YASIR

                      [email protected]
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                        Fraudia.....surprised you did I? And some people claim to KNOW me...hehehehehe

                        How about this one: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

                        And you are referring to Khalil Gibran's The Prophet.

                        Finally...wasn't it The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe that had 42 as the Meaning/Purpose of life? And then there was The Restaurant at The End of the Galaxy or something....gawd that was soooooo long ago! I feel really old.



                          the book I am referring to is not the Khalil Gibran book. It is written by Edward Bach as well, but the name just escapes me. It may have been Illusions..

                          You’ve got the hitchhikers guide allright. Yep 42, Marvin the Paranoid Android, Zaphod Beeblbrox etc. It has to be one of the strangest yet most interesting books I have ever read.

                          If urdu is your game then try Himaqatain by Shafeeq ur Rehman. All his books are great but this one is my favourite.

                          I am writing a few new books

                          Amir hamza and the three bears.
                          Whats eating Mullah Doh Piaza.
                          Mullah nasr Uddin and the Temple of Doom.

                          be sure to check them out
                          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                            Love the titles Mr. F. Can't wait to read your books.

                   may be right about Illusions. I have yet to read that.


                              Yes, I have read Himaqatain (even own it) along with the "sequel" Mazeed Himaqatain. But Himaqatain is definitely a very good book, good wit and humor. Unfortunately, have not read much Urdu literature since 1992.