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What is the appropriate forum?

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    What is the appropriate forum?

    Dear Moderator:
    I started a thread "NON-Hindus in India"
    You closed it saying that take it to the appropriate forum. Would you please mention me the name of the appropriate forum for this thread?
    Second, I feel discrimination here. If a thread "Non muslims in Pakistan" can be allowed to curse and throw the MUD on my Great country and society, then why we are not allowed to discuss the True natur of Hindus in India?
    I am getting an Idea that any one (Hindus, pro hindus, western slaves, religious extremists, and so called liberal fanatics) can say any thing (negative/positive) about the Pakistan, and about the innocent society of Pakistan but we are not allowed to discuss the genuine character of people who I think are behind the so many problem created in Pakistan.
    I kindly request that Please do not be that biased.

    Promoting Islam and Pakistan positively won't insult your intelligence.


    I know you’ve written in the non-Muslims in Pakistan thread….if you take another look at the tone of that allowed for open discussion and minimal animosity. The majority of the posts were very positive and not sarcastic. Therefore, they required little interference from a moderator.

    The reason your thread was closed, was because the method in which you began the thread was inflammatory. Those that did reply to your thread, did so in that manner. Your statement did not appear to ask for increased insight or open discussion. Therefore, the moderator has to step in.

    If you’d like can change the manner of your statements and re-post it in the forum you wish it to be discussed. By the method you present your statements….you can decide where you want it AND how it will be percieved and discussed.

    Now....back to the appropriate forum issue...if we are discussing " the genuine character of people who I think are behind the so many problem created in Pakistan" then that is Politics.

    Thanks for your understanding

    [This message has been edited by kashmirigirl (edited March 16, 1999).]