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Lahore (cont'd.. Lahore Canal, as requested by Zainab) and Kinkibird

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    Lahore (cont'd.. Lahore Canal, as requested by Zainab) and Kinkibird


    Oey hoey!!
    Those evening walks along the naher. Aye haye!

    Bike races along the naher. Kyaa yaadeN wabastaa heiN uss naher sey.

    Ik taraff saddi naher tey ik taraff Indian Ocean
    For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


      Lahori veero,

      My tribute to you and your beloved city:

      khane jamno te launiaN naher vich chubhiaN.
      mithian ne yaadaN tuhade dilaN vich khubiaN.

      mujhaN(bhainsa) deyaN pindiaN te chaRh tusi tairna.
      sariaN naal yaari honni kisse na vi vairna.

      basant vich, chhattaN utte chaRh gudiaN udauniaN.
      paichey pa ke dostaN na khushiaN manauniaN.

      bhann hadwaniyaN nu khana kandey naher de.
      baileaN ne baRhe majje lai Lauhr shehr de.

      newyaark vich vi aa, bhulda lahore nai.
      duniya ch ehde jiha horr koi shehar nai.

      Bulley te Hussain jihe aithey kade vas gaye.
      Zindgi de gujje kai bhed sanu das gaye.

      jug ch kittey vi hovey punjabian di hasti.
      Lahore shehar vich par rooh ohna di vasdi.

      jugou jugg jeeve ih sohna jiha khab yaara.
      khushiaN ch maujaN maane apna Punjab yaara.

      sattNa vi samundraN toN rahiye bhaveN paar aapaN.
      apni maaN mitti naaloN na toRiyee piyar aapaN.

      jehRe apni boli te vaddakiaN nu bhul jande.
      sabh kujh hunde sunde duniya ch rul jande.

      ChannMahi diaN vi ne iho hi duavaN Rabba.
      WatnaN toN aun sadda thandiaN havavaN Rabba.

      CM - let me wipe my tears first before I press Submit Reply.

      [This message has been edited by ChannMahi (edited March 12, 1999).]


        kia baat he app ki , kia baat kerte hain app wah ji wah, bas maza aa gaya he mujhe to .......I have the honor to swim in this naher near the connection with BRB naher.garmion me shugal lab jatta tha.

        ChannMahi! Sir ji tussi assel de channmahi ho
        ..Zabardast ..good oye..set oye...


          Lahore lahore ehh!
          I always enjoyed evening lights in the Neher.



            Dear NY Ahmadi

            Thankyou sooooo was really nice of u
            Ahh all the good memories..falsay, jamun(yeah all i think of is food )
            yes yes i would love to hear abt Maila used to be so much fun

            chann ji
            tussi tay kamal kar ditta. boht sohna likhya ai tussi..paRh kay changa lugya
            tay kaar vi yaad aya.


              NY Ahmadi
              I am one of your fan.
              Although I was raised in Lahore Cantt(Thats why I know saddar a lot), but it was only when I went to Govt. College( when I became a Jawaan Adami) that I came to know what is Lahore( much less than you)
              I went to undroon( Interior) Lahore to see what Lahore is? and later at King Edward I was able to discover Shah Alami, Regal, Bansaan wala Bazar, Gawalmandi, Lakshami Chowk, Nisbat road, Circular road and a lot................
              I have also seen all those Jalsay Jaloos and Hangaama on the mall road which blocks the traffic for hours and our GREAT LEADERS think that they will be in the news next day.
              The best thing which they can do is to open Nasir Baag for Jalsay jaloos and hangamas.
              I really enjoyed Nehr stuff. Thanxs a lot.



                Now that u've talked about saddar, that reminds me of my childhood.. my naano lives near saddar bazaar. We would just wait to visit her..and then go out and play like crazy in those narrow streets. I have some of the best memories associated with that place.
                It used to be so much fun for us since at our home ammi wouldnt let us go out. But for some reason she didnt say anything in saddar... may be coz she grew up there.